Mary Oliver

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do

with your one wild and precious life?"

Monday, January 11, 2010

Why Can't Every Day Be Sunday?

This is what drove my ambition this weekend. A page from my Yarn Harlot calendar.
Since Sunday was another stay-at-home-watch-football-in-my-pajamas-day, I finished the Cap'n Crunch neckwarmer, although the color I used is more BooBerry. The unfortunate thing though is that I only have one pewter button and there are two buttonholes. So I either use only one or I go searching for a pair of different ones.

In addition to watching football, I also soaked the green handspun scarf in Eucalan wash and blocked it out on towels in the living room. It feels a lot softer now.

Sunday turned out to be a good day for finishing a few knitting projects from the UFO trunk too. The trunk holds a few finished objects too, like baby hats, but mostly it's for stuff that's fallen out of favor. This scarf was finished at least two years ago but when I bound off, I did it too tightly and it was unwearable (who knew that was possible?). So it's been languishing. Until today. I decided to pull it out and frogged the last two rows so I could bind off LOOSELY. Now it's ready to wear. I sort of used the Men's Rustic Scarf pattern from LMKG, only I used Plymouth Yarn's Baby Alpaca Grande, my go-to scarf yarn back then.
I also found this felted wallet, based loosely on the clutch pattern from One Skein. All it needed was a closure, so I sewed on a button and some velcro and with a little help from my friend Sam, it's done.

Not too bad for a lazy Sunday now, is it? Go Ravens!!


  1. That Sam! He's such a great helper.

    Nice buttons you've found for your projects! The one on the felted wallet is especially gorgeous. I know exactly what you mean about not having enough of those exactly right buttons. So, tell me again...why do we have that button stash?

  2. Sundays are a good day for finishing the odds and ends. I need more Sundays, too. I love all of your projects. THey're beautiful!