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"Tell me, what is it you plan to do

with your one wild and precious life?"

Monday, January 4, 2010

January: The Sunroom

I didn't realize I was actually tackling the sunroom as my January project when I woke up yesterday morning, but with the realization that I was returning to work, I got a little fired up. I started by clearing some clutter and dusting and then just decided to go for it. This room needs the least done to it, so I thought it would make a good choice for me. Enough to get going, but not so much that I'm overwhelmed.

This means I didn't get actual 'before' photos, but rather some 'in-between' photos instead. I guess I could go back in the archives, but these are close enough.

This semi-before shot shows the general clutter on the bookcase, although I had already straightened the top before this shot. Unfortunately, it doesn't depict the bowing shelf either, but trust me, that shelf was sagging.

An excess of baskets, knitting projects, and books in the middle of the room.

Steve paring down our magazine/catalog collection.

Because our green couch is shorter than the previous couch, I turned the end tables 90 degrees, which gave the space a different look. Glass cleaner helped too.

While emptying the top shelf, flipping it over and reloading the books, I found the 2010 Yarn Harlot calendar, and put it in a prime position. Also cleaned out both "suitcases" so I could store some of the knitting clutter in them instead of on them.

Next I changed out the top basket in the yarn tower, replacing the varigated skeins with solids for a calmer look. The varigated yarns are now in the basket on the floor, and the end table reorientation allowed me to move both the yarn tower and the aloe plant to make it feel less crowded, I think.

Now the tower isn't in front of the window like it was before. (Ignore the yarn basket on the ottoman, I moved it to the living room/library.

The only thing left to do in here is to finish the curtains on the window behind the pink chair. It doesn't show in these photos, but those are hung with cafe rod clips and the set on the other side of the room are shorter with a rod pocket. Once I sew them up, the sunroom will be off the list. Although it's been on my to-do list since summer, having a monthly deadline should help motivate me!

Truthfully, I think I tweak this room all the time anyway. It's my favorite room because of all the light it gets, so I'm constantly making small changes. It's also cluttered pretty quickly because of all the use, because of all the yarn and knitting, and because we're always in here, but what are you going to do?

As a bonus, Steve was so impressed with how much better the room looked with such a relatively small effort, that now he's fired up about the room a month concept.
Thanks for the great idea boogaJ!


  1. I'm almost inspired to get going on my sunroom, too. Yours looks so nice after its New Year makeover. And that green scarf is such a pretty color. Like new leaves...we can look forward to spring with a scarf like that.

  2. that is one nice yarn stash you've got!
    my family and i are moving in the next few months. i don't look forward to the moving itself so much, but it's always nice to start fresh, isn't it?

  3. I am deeply envious of what appears to be sun in your sun room!

    That looks like such a warm and inviting space. Thanks for the tour!

  4. This looks very comfortable and inviting. Such a great place for crafting.