Mary Oliver

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do

with your one wild and precious life?"

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Knitting and Cleaning

While I was complaining about not being able to decide on a knitting project, Steve reminded me that I hadn't finished his cable scarf yet, so that's what I did last night. I used three skeins of Plymouth Yarn Royal Llama Silk and he loves it. I also finished my scarf the other day; I have enough yarn left to make fringe but I haven't decided if I should. Suggestions?
And here are some photos of our tiny bedroom. This house was built in 1952, so the bedrooms are small. I think the "master" bedroom is 12 x 12, maybe, and the other two are even smaller. You can see the hamper is in the corner of the room, with the armoire and the bookcase lined up beside it, and other than the space the door takes up, that's the whole wall. Also, the head of the bed is up against the opposite wall and you can see how little space there is between the foot of it and the armoire.

The main change we made was to move a chair out and put this bookcase at the window instead. The chair was never visible as we constantly draped clothes over it, so this gives us a cleaner, less cluttered look, even if it is a teeny-tiny room. Still not sure what else I can or want to do in here other than re-organize the closet and clean up both bookcases.

It looks like today will be a rainy, gray day, perfect for staying inside. Steve's reading the paper, the laundry is all done, and I think it's time to play with some yarn.
Oh, I almost forgot, I need to clear out seven things for Sunday. I think I'll start with the bedroom bookcases and then move on to the yarn stash. YarnHarlot's page-a-day calendar entry for Friday was "cull your stash". I'm on it. Maybe.


  1. looks like you have lovely big closets, though. we have tiny rooms AND tiny closets. the blessings of a 1918 house.

  2. Houses are funny...and never perfect. We have 'inherited' the results of three parental down-sizings. No matter how much you give away, there's still some that sticks. So, clutter in a smallish house? I get it. Amazing how long we have to live with something before we change it around.

    The silk scarf is lovely. To fringe the orange one - or not? Personally, I wouldn't. But it is personal taste, I think.