Mary Oliver

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do

with your one wild and precious life?"

Monday, August 14, 2017

Girlfriends, Grief, and Gradually Moving On

Chris loved the beach, so after her service, our group decided to go to her favorite spot, so as to remember her in our own way.  It was a good way to spend a little more time with her and each other. 
Since that day, I've been moving slowly, crying some, and trying to be good to myself by enjoying the quiet, small things. I'm also trying to accept my inertia, or ennui, or what is probably actual grief.  I have less than two weeks before I go back to work, and despite having piles in every room, and things that need doing, I'm spending an awful lot of time doing very little.  I'm sure I'll regret my lack of accomplishment, but for now, it's simply all I can do some days.
 Gracie, has apparently rediscovered the ceiling fan; she was scared of them her first summer, but as I use them in almost every room, she got used to them.  Or at least she had, until they seemed new again, after my two weeks of vacation.
Her sweet heart-shaped face.
My little zinnia section of the flower bed; they are some of my favorite flowers and I never feel as if I've planted enough.  Next year I'm going to seed them in every space I can and see if that will finally satisfy me.
I drove to Richmond yesterday to spend time with Stephanie.  She's been in Arizona, near the Grand Canyon since the middle of June, leading a group of teens in a wilderness/service thing, and I have missed her.  We had brunch, went to a knitting shop, walked across the James River on a suspension bridge, and had coffee and tres leches cake at Kuba, Kuba, one of my favorite RVA restaurants.  It was so good to visit with her.  Not sure where her next destination is, but I don't think she'll be here too long, so had to see her while I had the chance!  She is quite the world traveler.
Thanks to all who read and/or comment here; your kind words really mean a lot to me.  The news seems to bring new heartbreak and fears on a daily basis, and it's hard to comprehend the level of hate that seems to grow exponentially, but we cannot let hate win.  Keep the faith.  Peace to us all.

Monday, August 7, 2017


I haven't gotten around to posting about my trip, because the day after I got home, a very dear friend of mine passed away.  Chris had lukemia that had been in remission up until this past March, and since then, she had been suffering a great deal. Although her friends and family miss her desperately, I know that I'm comforted by knowing she is no longer suffering.
I bought The Bright Hour while in New York, hoping it would help me understand some of what Chris was going through, and I highly recommend it, whether you know anyone with cancer or not.  I've read it once, and know I will read it again soon.  
Peace and love to you all.