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with your one wild and precious life?"

Thursday, August 31, 2017

A Quick Update

Now that I'm finally posting my NY pictures, I wonder why I was procrastinating?  I know I was concerned about posting too many, but now I've decided to just post as many as I want.  Hope you enjoy them.  

On Sunday, after I left the O'Keefe exhibit, I decided to visit another unfamiliar yarn shop that was nearby.  Because the weather was so good, I walked, even though it was about two miles away.  And I'm so glad I did, because it was a beautiful walk along Prospect Park, with incredibly lovely old homes.  


Brooklyn Museum
Brooklyn Public Library
Army Plaza, the entrance to Prospect Park.
This home reminded me of London for some reason.
This movie theater isn't due to open until next year, but I love what they are doing with the marquee to promote poetry!  I'm going to try to do something like this in my class room.  Check out their Instagram feed, using the hashtag moviemarqueepoems.  

I had not heard anything about this shop ahead of time, and although it was small, as most places in NY are, they had some lovely yarns. 

Since they carried Quince & Co., I bought two skeins of Sparrow, the 100% linen yarn, and am actually almost finished with the Strathcona scarf by Jane Richmond.  
On Monday, I took the subway into Manhattan to visit the children's bookstore, Books of Wonder, and saw this gorgeous mosaic.  Surprises like this are what makes NY so magical for me. 
I stopped by Lion Brand Yarn Studio, and was just a tiny bit disappointed in their window.  They usually have insanely elaborate displays, but this one seemed awfully tame for them.
I went to Knitty City as well, as they had scheduled a week long summer break, and I would have hated to miss going there.  Not only do they have scads of beautiful yarn, books, and unique notions, they are super friendly.  I had hoped to attend their Tuesday Bryant Park Knitting group, but couldn't fit it in my schedule.  Maybe next summer!
One of the things I love about New York, is that you can always find a great place to eat and drink coffee.  This little place had the best cannoli; wish I had gotten two!
It's thanks to these two that Ive gotten to have this vacation for the past three summers:  Olivia, aka Ollie, a fairly worried dog.
And Sinon, the most affectionate cat I've ever known.
Next time, lots of pictures from my visit to the Cloisters.



  1. Your pictures make me want to go to each of those places so much!

    Love the pup and the kitty! Does Gracie give you a thorough smelling check when you get home?

    1. Not too much, but that's because I take my suitcase straight to my laundry room and wash everything as soon as I walk through the door!!

  2. Love the pictures! Mini travel adventures via a friendly blog is basically the only "travel" I can take advantage of, so thank you so much! Cannot wait to see your finished scarf!

    1. Thanks!! Sharing vacation photos used to mean boring people. Maybe it still does, but at least no one has to look at them this way, right?

  3. I am quite envious of your New York jaunts. Georgia O'Keefe! (Did you know she was born and raised in Sun Prairie, a little city outside Madison?) The coffee shops, the yarn, the energy. What a great place. My good friend Marsha is from Brooklyn and she raves about Knitty City.

    1. It's such a great place! I'd love to spend an entire summer there one time but even with free lodging, it's pretty expensive.

  4. Loved looking through all these pictures Rose - thanks for sharing. Knitty City looks wonderful!