Mary Oliver

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do

with your one wild and precious life?"

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snow at the Beach

Steve and I took a walk in the sunshine and snow today. This is at one of our neighbor's igloo with OV (for Ocean View) spray painted on it. Oh, and a fishing pole, though I'm not sure why. This is a couple of blocks down and over from us. I think the Dead End sign is overstating the obvious, but what do I know? But isn't the blue sky lovely?

And here's the beach scene. The dunes are covered with snow and the contrasting white and browns looked just like the colors in a cup of cappuccino.

Looking to the right of the walkway.

Left of the walkway.

The snow drifted up our side door, although Steve has already shoveled it away by now.

Aren't these berries gorgeous? They must not be tasty to birds if they're still here.

I just loved the contrast between the blue, green, and white in this picture.

People have been driving up and down the street beside our house all day and while some of the snow has been ground away from the friction, most of the road is still iced over, since the temperature never got out of the twenties.

Just heard that the in-service scheduled for tomorrow is officially cancelled, not that I'm surprised, so that means I have another day at home. I think I'll do some sewing tomorrow. I need to put a rod pocket in a pair of curtains that have been hanging by clips since the summer, I need to hem M1's pajama pants (the ones I made her for Christmas), and I might make the curtains for S's room since I've had the fabric since we moved here almost two years ago. Also, I'm thinking about doing something with a thrift store sweater I felted yesterday. Maybe a laptop cover? The sleeves could be used for cell phone holders; I can get at least four out of them I think. Details tomorrow.

Tonight, it's Emma, on PBS. I missed the first installment, which was last week, and I'll probably miss next week's due to a Super Bowl party, but it's not like I don't know how it turns out now is it?


  1. The neighborhood photos are beautiful. What lovely scenes.

    Yay on the snow day! Enjoy.

  2. Hope you're well into enjoying that snow holiday. The beach photos are so pretty.