Mary Oliver

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do

with your one wild and precious life?"

Friday, January 8, 2010

Flurry Free Friday

It's Friday morning and although we were supposed to get some snow flurries and a two-hour delay, all we've got is rain. So I'm off to school, but at least I made it to Friday. After three low energy days, I finally got my stride back yesterday and enjoyed teaching.

I'm still enjoying our clean, relatively clutter-free sunroom. I make sure it's tidied up before I leave for work and that makes it so nice to come home to. I also finished the dog sweater for my mom's dog. Hard to get a good shot of it though, she's a mover.
Although she did come pose at my feet once.

I need to go back over there and tighten up the front strap by moving the button and it could also use some kind of strap at the back end to keep it from sliding around or riding up. I was thinking an elastic strap, which isn't very pretty or maybe some type of ribbon? But the color looks good on her and my mom is happy, so mission accomplished.

Working on a pair of handwarmers for my cousin and then plan to knit a pair for me this weekend. Almost done with the green scarf, should finish that up this weekend too. The girls have another week left before they return to school, so they'll probably be around some this weekend.

Looking forward to a pajama wearing weekend!
What're your weekend plans?


  1. if i lived in that house, i would never budge from that sunroom.

    and your pup has an adorable face.

    weekend plans: read. go to a play. hopefully not have to shovel any more snow.

  2. Love the dog pictures. She's really cute. I know she'll be happy with a sweater this winter.

  3. Funny to think of a color becoming a dog but you're does look nice on her. Happy knitting-in-your-jammies weekend.

  4. Your dog is darling, and the sweater is so cute! We're having some friends over for dinner tomorrow, so most of the day will be spent in prep for that. Sunday we're thinking of taking the kids to the new Sherlock Holmes movie.

  5. It looks like the doggie likes the sweater. How cute. We got around 5 inches of snow last night and some flurries today. Ick.

    My plans? Spinning, knitting, house hunting and sleeping late on Sunday. It sounds good, doesn't it?