Mary Oliver

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do

with your one wild and precious life?"

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Who's The Boss?

After finishing a couple of projects this past weekend, I looked around for something to knit. I wanted something easy, that I can knit while I am on hall duty in the mornings (30 minutes every day, with time out to sign hall passes). I decided to use some Plymouth Yarn Baby Alpaca Grande that I had sitting around from a badly designed cowl that I made last year (I was the "designer", hence the poor design quality), wore in NYC on a trip last February (long story, but it was nearly the death of me; the cowl, not the trip), and upon my return home, immediately frogged. (Are you still with me?)

The yarn is a nice orange color and so soft; I'm using the uneven rib stitch that I used for M#2's scarf. Since I gave a test today, I actually had extra knitting time, so I'm on the second ball now. Believe it or not, knitting is the best thing to do during testing. I'm able to watch the students so they don't cheat. If I work, I tend to get involved and forget to keep my eyes on them, so this actually works out better. Plus the kids are always interested in what I'm knitting.

Meanwhile, I'm trying to decide what to do for my Olympics' project. I'm still thinking of frogging the Farmer's Market Cardigan and using the yarn for a ChicKnits pattern. I'm sure I couldn't finish it during the time frame, but it definitely meets the challenge portion of the requirements. And after all, who's the boss of this knitting thing? Me, that's who!


  1. Yes! You tell it like it is, sister!
    After my miserable showing in the KAL, I've decided that the Olympic thing is just not for me.

    Funny, you knitting while hall duty and testing. I used to get a lot done when the kids in the daycare were out in the playground. I can't believe how cold it used to get on the fingers.

  2. Did you find a group to join? You can be an honorary Michiganian if you like. I'm actually thinking I may withdraw from the Rav olympics and do the Harlot's if she ever decides to host them.

    I want to do a poncho but I'm having a hard time gathering all the yarn in the correct dye lot. So far, I've found all 10 skeins, but two different lots.

    I love the times you seem to find opportunity to knit. It sure makes time fly, doesn't it? Lastly, how was the cowl almost the death of you? I have to know this story.