Mary Oliver

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do

with your one wild and precious life?"

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Summer Endings

Summer is drawing to a close and this weekend is another step in that direction, as we get Stef settled in her new apartment at her new school. She transferred to VCU from GMU, which means she has the freshman jitters all over again. I think she's very brave to tackle a new place and I know she'll do just fine.

Meanwhile, that means I only have another week left before I'm back to devoting eight or more hours a day to earning a living. Which means this week is clean-the-house-week, and I already started by decluttering and reorganizing our kitchen cabinets this morning. Would you believe we have four containers of cloves?

I'm going to have Steve help me get all my clothes storage containers out of the attic Sunday night so I can sort through them all on Monday. I'm hoping to donate lots, so I can pare down to the essentials. It feels wasteful to have so many clothes stashed away. I'm hoping for a nice rainy Monday, so I don't lose focus.

Speaking of focus, or lack thereof, I have started yet another scarf, this one out of a lovely tweedy red Kathmandu Chunky. It's 10% silk, 5% cashmere, and 85% merino wool, so it's really soft on my hands. Between knitting on the 50% acrylic scarf for my friend and the 100% cotton baby blanket, I felt my hands needed a treat. This yarn has been sitting beside me at the computer ever since I bought the thrift store yarn basket and I finally couldn't resist it any longer. I think it'll be lovely with my thrifted gray wool coat; I'm hoping to wear both at Rhinebeck in October.

(By the way, I lost another 1.8 pounds this week, bringing my total to 8.2!)


  1. Good for you on the weight loss. Know what you mean about knitting with 'kind' yarn. I'm using an acrylic/wool blend.....very slubby too and not fun for my hands. Making an interesting fabric though.

  2. Funny, I have been decluttering and organizing too lately. It must be a hibernation thing. Looks like you'll be making lots of spiced cider with all those cloves!

    Awesome job on the weight loss...1.8 is awesome!

  3. I think you're right about the hibernation. As you've seen we've been re-doing floors which means a lot of decisions about what goes back in the room!

    You'll want to be getting rid of those extra clothes you don't wear just to find some new ones. Congrats on the pounds!

  4. Excellent job on the weight loss! I know it's hard, but you're doing so well.

    Have fun going through the clothes. It's nice to get organized--in the end it makes more time available for other pursuits. Like knitting. And spinning.

  5. Good for Stef. Seth is starting at UW (after community college) and he is a bit nervous. But he at least stays in Madison so it's less of a change.

    Congrats on the weight loss. Today was my one-week weigh-in after rejoining WW and I lost 2.5 pounds! I've never lost that much in a week; must be water weight! Still, it feels good to have my eating under control.