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with your one wild and precious life?"

Sunday, August 1, 2010

He Missed Me

Not much time for blog writing this weekend, as Steve has been "wining and dining" me. Very nice to be missed. And by the way, how can it be August already? At least the heat wave has receded. We've had lovely temperatures since Friday and a significant amount of much needed rain. We've had the windows open for three days now, thank goodness.

I did finally upload the Richmond photos. This is the bookstore that Steve and I visited last Sunday, after the normally less-than-two-hour trip took three and a half due to heavy weekend traffic. It's in an area called Carytown; lots of artsy shops. Unfortunately it was 105 degrees that day, so we didn't feel like walking very far.

Besides, once Steve saw the inside of the store, he was quite happy to stay and browse. It had an upstairs as well and the prices were great.

I spent a few minutes there, as it's a very cool store, but then walked one block to find my personal Carytown favorite, The Yarn Lounge.

They were super friendly. Don't you love to see how different yarn stores decorate? I didn't even notice the balls of yarn above each shirt when I was there, but aren't they cute?

I love this wall of yarn with all the plants on top. Very soothing.

The store's signature colors are blue and brown and they even have a glass jar of M&Ms to match.

I really loved this store's shabby chic look (not sure what else to call it). This screen door propped up on a radiator is used for community notices. I think it would be a great way to display jewelry, if one had the space.

And this is an old refrigerator door covered with magnetic containers (probably IKEA) holding buttons. She also had a rack of old Kodak slide forms holding stringed buttons but I must not have taken a photo of it. It was really a cool display.

Anyway, that's about it for the trip. As for knitting, I'm plodding along on the Evil Stepmother cowl anytime I have a minute or two, and I've just about finished the cotton handtowel. I should be getting back to the Hokie cowl soon, so I can gift it as planned.

Random things:
I was catching up on my blog reading Friday night and saw this article, courtesy of knittyBlog. How true it is. On the first day of the VDOE committee meeting, I spotted a knitter, decided to sit near her, and bam, instant conversation starter. Plus it turned out we were even on the same committee and ended up hanging out throughout the week.

This idea for summer shoes looks interesting; although I'm not sure I'd make them, one of my crafty daughters might.

And last but not least, this link brought back good memories of crafting with my daughters.


  1. Knitting is an instant conversation starter and instant bond between like minded strangers. Glad you hooked up with another knitter.

    I adore those sandals. If I can be trusted not to cut one of my fingers off, I might try them. Thanks for the link!

  2. those sandals are cool! I haven't worn flipflops since I was a teenager and they were called thongs then. I must be very old because now a thing is something very different!

    Nice to have you back for a while.

  3. Oh, I meant a 'thong' is very different. Stupid fingers.

  4. Is now the time to fess up to all the Mama playing with gnomies? Lucky the smalls are into them otherwise I'd be short an excuse. If that's shabby chic, then I'm digging it!

  5. Looks like you and Steve had a great time. That East Coast traffic is awful! Although, Chicago has gotten just as bad, which is why I don't go there too often.

    Next summer, we should do a Richmond yarn crawl -- assuming I've called off my yarn moratorium!

  6. Yes, I love to see how different yarn stores decorate. Lovin' that shabby chic style especially the sign that says, "It's hip to knit!"

  7. I love the yarn store. It looks like my kind of place!!