Mary Oliver

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do

with your one wild and precious life?"

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Yarny Goodness

So far the weekend is going quite well. I went out this morning and bought some yarn to make a scarf for my mom's birthday. I made her two scarves about three or four years ago but since she never wore them, I hadn't made her anymore. The cold snap we've had since December however, has finally turned her into a scarf wearer, so I want to make her a cheery pink one. This is two skeins of Cascade Yarns Pastaza and one skein of Kidsilk Haze that I plan to make into a k1, p1 scarf with a ruffle at both ends. The best part is I had filled up one of those frequent customer cards, so I had a $10 credit! I think she'll like it, although she'll probably also tell me not to make any more for her. Cause that's my mom.

I had to check in with the endodontist again this past Wednesday, which gave me the afternoon off. I'd been wanting to go through my yarn baskets and tidy up for quite some time and Wednesday turned out to be the perfect day to do it.

I gathered all of my yarn and started sorting, taking breaks every so often to think about how I wanted to organize it all. It was a bit daunting to see all the yarn that way, but it was nice to find some skeins I had forgotten about.

I ended up with most of it sorted by color, just like my last big organizing spree. The funniest part was when Stephen came home, saw the floor still covered with yarn, and laughingly told me that it looked like a kid's toys strewn all over. Which it was; the yarn definitely qualifies as my toys!
Here's my latest thrift store basket, filled with lots of jewel tone yarns that just look good together.This one is obviously the baby yarns, destined for lots of newborn caps.
My Lantern Moon Seagrass Basket Tower; still one of my most favorite gifts from Stephen. (As soon as I typed that I thought of ten more gifts he's given me that I love. He's a really great gift-giver.)And here's the top basket of my thrift store basket tower, filled with yarn still in the skein. (See that skein of Shelter yarn? Saving it for something special, but not sure what just yet.)

I've been reading knitting books in bed since then, and thinking about knitting a lot, even more than usual. And I've finished a few more small projects, like a Noro scarf, color numbers unknown, and the sweetest little baby cap from One Skein, also from an unknown skein of yarn.

Now I have a pot of Split Pea and Brown Rice Soup, from Fast Vegetarian Feasts, simmering on the stove, and I'm headed for the couch to finish up a sock for Stephen. Did I mention I'm back in my jammies? Loving this weekend.


  1. I guess you had to get out of the jammies to go to the yarn store. Too bad about that part but the yarn is so pretty and soft-looking.

    Your basket tower is very nice - I'm looking for one of those. And the baby hat is so sweet. Something about white baby knits just gets me. The soup sounds yummy.

  2. The thrift store one was a lucky find; I've never seen one in a thrift store before and it was in great shape. And yeah, although the yarn folks wouldn't have minded the jammies, it was just a bit too cold today to risk it :)

  3. Cold? Man, you Virginians don't know the meaning of the world. Yesterday I skied in 0 degree weather!

    I knit a pair of leggings in Cascade/Kidsilk, and they are absolutely gorgeous.

    An afternoon off is nice, but I think I'd rather work than do anything dental! Good for you for making it into a productive day. I sort my yarn by weight. At this moment, I'm afraid to really look at the stash. It's insanely large, even after a 5-month yarn diet!

    Love that baby hat! I have to check out that pattern!

  4. You're right, we're wimps when it comes to cold. Your leggings sound gorgeous, make sure to post a photo!