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with your one wild and precious life?"

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Knitting & Other Things

I can't believe I forgot to show this finished object as soon as Christmas was over! It's the Brea Bag, by Berroco, and I made it for Melissa. I actually started this four or five years ago when Melissa picked the pattern out. A year went by before we bought the yarn and another before I started it. I'm not positive, but it may have been my first attempt at cabling; I do remember it seemed like the most challenging pattern I'd ever seen, let alone attempted. I could have finished it a long time ago, but it took my brain awhile to recognize that I actually did possess the necessary skills to complete this project. Now we're on the hunt for either a thrift store bag with a great shoulder strap we can use, or a really classy leather belt we can re-purpose. So I guess it's still not technically finished, but at least the knitting and sewing up part is done!

I did a "lab" with my students on Monday, that was a carryover from my Lab Friday. It's really more of an activity but we call them labs. They had to use beads and clue cards to form compound models.

And who are these big kids in the back of the room? Why, they're Stef and Melissa, my college girls home from break. I had invited them to come in and hang out with my AVID students and I got them participating in the lab together. Cute, huh?

They also did a little ten minute question and answer period with the kids about college life, which was very nice of them. My students really enjoyed it, and of course, so did I.
As for the continuing saga of my dental adventures, I had a temporary filling put in and as far as I know, my next appointment with doom is a week from Monday. Fingers crossed.


  1. I love the bag, Rose!

    So sweet of your girls to join you in class.

    Maybe you should teach a class on wet felting to discuss characteristics of physical change. It could be fun. Perhaps you could all felt bars of soap the kids could keep. Just thinking out loud on how to incorporate what you love into what you teach and lure all your students into the ancient arts at the same time.

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  3. Oh, that's a great idea! I thought of soap making but not felting! Thanks!

  4. Your knit bag is just wonderful! Be sure to line it with fabric to protect the wool from being snagged. Love that your girls shared with your students - must have been so exciting for them. so sorry about your tooth issues - hope you're not in pain any longer.

    On the bright side - three day weekend! Enjoy!

  5. Gorgeous bag! Your skills are showing!

  6. I cannot adequately express my sympathy for your dental problems. I am terrified of all things dental and use Valium to get through dental procedures. I think you are being very brave and deserve a reward of yarn shopping!

    The bag is SO cute. Can't wait to see it with a handle.

    Hang in there.

  7. Love the bag Rose. Good luck with the dental issues!