Mary Oliver

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do

with your one wild and precious life?"

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sunrise and Snow

I woke to a gorgeous sunrise sky yesterday morning. As usual, the photo doesn't really convey the richness, but this will have to do. We don't get icicles around here too often so these were picture worthy.

Finished my hat, which took twice as long since I had to knit it twice. I forgot to switch to the larger needles after the ribbing and it was way too short, so I ripped it back. It's still too short for me if I want my ears covered, so unless it blocks out larger, it'll go to one of the girls.

Mere and I ventured out yesterday; she had a hair appointment and some returns to take care of, so we went to lunch afterwards. It was a nice opportunity for us to spend some one on one time together. She's spending a few days at her dad's so I won't see her much more before they head home this weekend. Melissa left today for Blacksburg as she has to work, although she'll be back next week for about five more days. And Stef is here until the middle of January.
It was great having them all here together for a couple of days, making chili, soup, bread, cookies, tea, and coffee. It'll seem awfully quiet now. It's always hard for me to adjust, but going back to work on Monday will most likely take care of that.
Our New Year's Eve plans will involve taking down the tree, putting all the decorations away, and cleaning. Probably a little knitting too, I'm guessing. How 'bout you?


  1. The hat is such a pretty color. And I love your photo setting - the shells in the dish are a perfect accompaniment.

    Have fun in the snow. Monday will coma all too soon.

  2. Wouldn't those colors in your top photo make a beautiful pair of Deep in the Forest Mittens?

  3. Stephanie--thanks for noticing the posed photo, I was trying!

    Rudee--I was thinking about how designers use color combos from nature to design and how I wish I had that talent!