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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Creativity & Celebration

Creativity. It's an interesting topic that I've been thinking about the past couple of weeks as I finished up the class on gifted and talented education.

I had to do some sort of visual representation of what I had learned from the class and I knew right from the start I wanted to use yarn and knitting. When I decided on making the bag, I didn't realize how much I'd enjoy playing with color and yarn types in one project. I never really got it when other knitters would blog about how they had spent time playing with color. Steve bought me a color wheel a couple of years ago and I really have never used it, because I just didn't really enjoy playing with color that much. But after doing this felted bag, I kind of get it. It was very freeing to just grab a color and add it in without overthinking it.
So here's the bag prior to felting.
And here is the finished product.I'm really happy with it. It's a very usable size, bigger than I expected. In fact, the only thing I'd have done differently was the strap; I should have doubled the yarn so it was sturdier and less floppy.

I can't express how relieved I am that the class is over and I can focus on Christmas now. As much as I loved the topic and the activities, I really stressed over the work I had to produce, especially since I procrastinated much of it. As a mattter of fact, as soon as I got home today, I took a hot bath and a nap! But it's over now and I'm really glad I did it.

Now I'm going to sit and knit and look forward to my "girls only" Christmas party tomorrow. A great way to celebrate the season!


  1. Great bag, Rose. I liked the colors together, but felted, it looks spectacular.

  2. Your bag is simply beautiful. have fun with your girls only party.
    XO, Meredith

  3. That bag turned out really well. Felting brings it all together - beautiful colors.

  4. What a beautiful bag. I should have taken a job in Virginia. You have way better teacher trainings! I knit when I take classes -- but usually in silent protest to the stupidity of the class!

  5. The bag turned out great!! Nice choice of colours.