Mary Oliver

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do

with your one wild and precious life?"

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Snowy St. Stephen's Day

It started snowing last night and it's still coming down. We have over a foot of snow, which counts as a blizzard around here. These photos were taken around 4 p.m. and I think the light is so interesting. Very blue.

I love the snow furniture on our back deck.

It's a heavy, wet snow, which thankfully hasn't brought our power lines down.

On Christmas Eve, we had cookie making, using Purl Bee's recipe. When I say "we", I mean Mere and Melissa made them. They were their gifts for the grandmas and the aunts, who loved them. The girls usually make cookies or candy and give them on thrifted plates, which I think such a good idea. They used to make ornaments when they were younger, but now food is the gift of choice.

This is Mere, putting them together.

Random photo: my finished owl mittens, with the beaded eyes; they were a much better choice than the buttons I originally tried.

Now I'm in a sort of knitting limbo. I think I want to start something big, but I'm not sure what yet. So my plan is to finish some more of my in progress projects while I think about it. I also started a hat for myself, despite not being a hat person. I'm trying the Cranberry Sauce pattern, using some blue Shelter yarn I got for Christmas. I'm hoping it'll be close enough to a slouch hat to look okay on me. And I had Mere unravel my Awbrey cowl, since even though it was pretty, it was too snug to be comfortable. I'm not sure what I'll reuse the yarn for yet, maybe some more coffee cozies. What's in your after Christmas knitting queue?


  1. Holy cow! Look at all that snow! Things are so weird this winter.
    Love your owl mittens - so cute. I always start a new project on New years Eve. I'm thinking I'd like to do another sweater. Haven't got anything in mind yet, though.

  2. We are snowed in today as well. Is it okay to admit that I like it? I love the owl mittens, great knit. I am anxious to see your hat.