Mary Oliver

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do

with your one wild and precious life?"

Sunday, October 31, 2010

All Hallow's Eve

What a gorgeous Sunday it is here. The weather is clear and crisp enough to put on socks and sweaters; just the kind of weather I love. I'm feeling broody today, in the sense that I'm doing all kinds of nesting things, like clearing out clutter and dust, making soup, washing the flannel sheets and blanket, putting the fall tablecloth on the table, and knitting socks.

I'm also a little broody in the melancholy sense, but not really sure why, so just working around it. The soup I'm making is a Bob's Red Mill mix from Trader Joe's that I've had awhile. It should help me out with dinner a night or two this week too.

Steve and I went to one of our favorite coffee shops this morning where I had my usual Florentine panini and I treated myself to a rare cappuccino. Since I had my stomach ulcers last spring, I have really cut coffee out of my diet, but I decided that one a week will probably be okay, and oh, it was delicious.

While we were there, I finished my Noro sock.

It's been on the needles a long time but I've only knit on it when I'm between projects or needed airplane knitting. Now that I've finished one and the weather is turning cool, I may finish the second sock fairly quickly, despite the very small gauge. I'm at a tricky point in the Tulip sweater, which is why I worked on the sock at all, but I'm glad I did.

I spent all day yesterday in a graduate class, and while I wasn't looking forward to spending my Saturday that way, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I really do love the learning environment and I love learning more about teaching and how to improve on what I do in the classroom. It's also so good for me to remember how easy it is to procrastinate course work, which is why I spent three hours Friday night preparing for Saturday's class, despite having had three weeks when I could have done the work and not stressed myself out so much. Oh well, all's well that ends well.

Looking forward to the little trick-or-treaters showing up this evening. Happy Halloween!


  1. I ran out of candy at 7:15PM and had to blow out the candles in the pumpkin.

    I love the noro sock, but those long bits of one color can drive one crazy, don't you think? Yours looks good. The tulip sweater is looking great!

  2. Yeah, I think that may be why I wasn't that motivated to finish the sock. Plus, it's not a particularly soft yarn, but I'll see how they feel if/when I finish the second one. We didn't run out of candy because my husband was in charge of buying and he buys the good stuff. Plus, I supplemented with leftover Halloween pencils! We only have a few pieces of candy left and they're going to work with me tomorrow for the secretaries so I'm not tempted to scarf them down :)