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"Tell me, what is it you plan to do

with your one wild and precious life?"

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Handknit Love

Boy, wet alpaca smells a lot like wet dog, doesn't it?

Here is my sweater in the final stage of drying. It spent Tuesday night and all day Wednesday on towels on top of the dryer, then Wednesday night draped across the shower rod in the bathroom. This morning I placed it on Melissa's bed to finish flat. You can see the damp line at the bottom edge if you look closely.

I got home tonight and it was dry enough to try on!! Can you tell I'm happy? (Thank goodness I've lost 25 pounds or I wouldn't be smiling here.) Other than that line around my middle, I love the fit and the neckline and really, everything else about this sweater!

I feel as if I've taken another leap forward, knitting-wise, with the completion of my first adult sweater! I loved the ChicKnits pattern, it was so easy to understand. I'm ready to start my next sweater just as soon as I get the right yarn for it. I'm planning on making the Eyelet Cardi, also by ChicKnits, but I feel as if I should finish up a "few" things that are still languishing. Then again, maybe I'll just do what I feel like doing!

Of course, I'm not done admiring this one. Here is a closeup of the sleeve modification. I prefered the k1p1 edge over the k5p1 the pattern suggested.
I love the neck edging exactly as it is written: it's so neat and pretty.
And I'm glad I kept the k5p1 edging on the bottom of the body so it wouldn't cling to me anymore than it already does.

I am so happy that I finished it in time for Rhinebeck and I'm hoping for weather cool enough to enjoy the warmth of my own handknit. Pure joy, I think.

Mere and I are still working on the agenda for my trip. I told her the last time I visited that the next trip would find me going straight to her place and spending the day relaxing with her, instead of hauling my suitcase around NYC trying to see everything, then ending up exhausted. But as this trip draws nearer, I'm wavering. I'll get into LaGuardia around 9 a.m. on Friday and I don't leave until 8:30 p.m. on Monday, so I have some time. And even though I'll be there the weekend after the NYC Yarn Crawl, we do our own crawl each time I visit. This time I want to visit the new Purl location and I want to go back to Brooklyn General . I also want to visit a new place, La Casita Yarn Shop , that's also in Brooklyn. And of course we're heading to Rhinebeck on Saturday!

Oh and here's the finished Hokie scarf for my friend battling lung cancer. It's not as long as I would have liked, more of a scarf-let really, but she'll appreciate it. I just have to wash and block it.
I'm thinking I should pin this one so the lace opens up, but I'm not sure. Any suggestions?


  1. I love, love, love that sweater! Congratulations to you for the fabulous work on yourself and on that sweater. You're both beautiful!

    I say block the scarf. It'll be gorgeous opened up.

  2. It looks fabulous on you! That pink is definitely your color. Yes, definitely get back on the sweater 'horse'.

    I'm with Rudee on the blocking. That really makes any lace project better.

  3. Mom, that is very impressive and you look beautiful!

  4. The sweater is just beautiful -- and looks wonderful on you. I am so impressed. I'll have to check out the pattern.

    I hope your year is still going smoothly. I continue to feel overwhelmed by my huge caseload. One of my boys was supposed to be arrested Friday night, so maybe he won't be back.

    Your New York trip sounds like so much fun. NYC and Rhinebeck! Someday I'll be retired and then I can go, too!

  5. Congratulations on your sweater! It looks great and it fits perfectly! Enjoy your trip. I am looking forward to seeing what wonderful yarns you will find there! I would pin out the scarf when you block it. It should open up the pattern.