Mary Oliver

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do

with your one wild and precious life?"

Monday, November 1, 2010

Where Did October Go?

These candles were burning while the trick-or-treaters came and went last night. The gleam on the far right is a cute little witch with a Nightmare Before Christmas look, but I couldn't get a good photo of it.

I finally decided on a pattern and yarn for my mother's Christmas gift. I am making the Basic Chic Pulli with the lacy ribbed border option and I ordered Andean Silk Yarn in the Blue Ribbon colorway from Knitpicks. It should arrive this week so I can get started on it. I've even joined NaKniSweMo, despite being unable to cast on today and despite the unlikely event of me finishing a sweater in a month while I'm taking a graduate level course and working full time, BUT, reach for the stars is my motto. I must say, I'm looking forward to the project. I knew I wanted to use another ChicKnits pattern and I think my mom will like this one. Meanwhile I'll continue working on some of the projects I've already got on the needles and try to resist casting on for anything new!

Random link:
What a great idea this is! And this one too! I hope I do this one soon to help declutter my earring and jewelry bowls.


  1. I love the BOO candles.

    I think you could knit a sweater in a month. Depends on the yarn. Go phat. I knit that Icelandic Fair Isle sweater in less than a month, but then, it's a bulky weight yarn.

    Go, Rose!

  2. Great pattern choice for your Mom. I am sure she will love it. The only knitting my Mom is getting this Christmas knee high socks.

  3. Your mom will love this boatneck style sweater. Love that you are enjoying your graduate class - are you working towards another grad degree?