Mary Oliver

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do

with your one wild and precious life?"

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

After the Turkey

Steve and I did a little shopping over the weekend, although only in the thrift stores, and not on Black Friday. No retail for me. Unfortunately I bought more stuff for me than for gifting, although this red snowflake sweater is for my mom, since it's too small for me. I'm not going to wait until Christmas to give it to her though. Buying stuff for myself is not exactly the direction I need to be going, although I did score some excellent sweaters, like this zip up cardigan.This grey one has some cashmere in it.And this green one is a men's L. L. Bean that I thoroughly enjoyed wearing. This one is more navy than it looks and it's a little large, but I couldn't resist it!
Melissa left at o'dark thirty Friday morning so she could work all weekend, Stef left Sunday morning, and Steve went Christmas shopping with Lindsay while I met a friend for lunch.

I am so tired this evening. I went to bed pretty early Sunday night, but had too much caffeine yesterday and couldn't go to bed before midnight last night, and I'm feeling it now. I tried to take a nap after work, but my mind is in overdrive so, no luck. Besides, it probably would have messed up my sleep tonight.

Weight Watchers made some pretty big changes to their program on Monday and I feel like I'm just starting over, having to recalculate everything. Although common sense tells me that I wouldn't go wrong eating the way I have been eating the past three months, my perfectionism compells me to stick to the new plan. Which is a long intro into the quandry I'm in of not knowing what to fix for dinner. I stuck a chicken in the oven tonight as soon as I got home, along with a sweet potato and some butternut squash. Even if the chicken is done too late for dinner tonight, it'll help me out with lunches and dinner this week, which have seemed so boring after Thanksgiving.

I really hope to make these for my friends at work. Or maybe these. Of course, now that the sweater for my mom is going to be finished by December 1 (or not, but either way, it'll be finished way before Christmas), I'm now thinking that I may actually knit a few things for Christmas gifting after all. A couple of hats, a couple of pair of arm warmers, or these. Or I could go back and finish the seconds of the mittens and hand warmers I started this past summer in my grand plan to have a "not a sock club" club. Which was a fail. Unless I finish them now, then it'll totally be a win, right?


  1. Great selection of sweaters. Love those xmas tree pins too. What a great idea!

  2. Those tree pins are so darn cute - and they look easy.

    I just checked out the post with the non-sock sock club reference. Wow! What a difference in your life in less than a year.

    The sweaters are so pretty and cozy looking. Bargains are always the best buys.

  3. You really scored on those sweaters. I like the grey and green ones best.

    Happy holiday knitting!

  4. I like that gray sweater! And of course I like the man's sweater.