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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Random Post Alert

Here are some of the projects I graded yesterday. Most of them were pretty good and some were amazing. The students were required to have one page for each letter of the alphabet, and each page had to have a science term from this year's content, an illustration, and the definition of the term. They could use computer or hand drawn images and/or lettering and they had to have color

I liked his title.
This title is a good one too.

Notice whose skull is being x-rayed?

This book was my favorite; the student is artistically talented.

I love the size of this boulder coming at the little house!

She had a nice mix of computer and hand drawn.

I thought they did a nice job and I plan on assigning this project again next year, as the students enjoyed it and I think it achieved my objective of making them review for the final exam.

I finished the mitered hand towel from Mason-Dixon; I like the colors but they look washed out here.

Now I'm working on another juniper bonnet to give my hands a rest from the thick cotton. S picked out this color combo, but she told me she wished I had reversed the main and contrast colors. So if I have enough peach left, I'll do another one. I love this pattern.

And to round out the randomness, here are some links for you to follow.

Scroll down to see the way this blogger stacked a suitcase on the trunk. That's the look I'm always going for and somehow failing to achieve.

I really like this notebook. S needs a new one to carry to work so I might try it.

I think my girls would like this bracelet. I'll have to send them the link and see.
Hope you have a relaxing Sunday. (Did I mention I only have four more days of school?)


  1. Those are great projects, Rose. Your students put an extraordinary amount of effort into completing them.

    I'm off to follow your links!

  2. You have creative students. And your knitting project looks very cute.