Mary Oliver

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do

with your one wild and precious life?"

Monday, June 14, 2010

Getting Ready

Yesterday I started thinking about what I would pack for beach week. This is really unusual for me as I'm the kind of traveler who throws things in a bag on the morning of the trip, but for some reason, this trip is different. And even though I always take books and knitting wherever I go, for this trip I always take more of both. I'm going to have at least one large bag of books and one large (maybe two) bags with knitting, and one smallish bag with clothes and sunscreen. At beach week, clothes are the least important thing to pack.

I remember a family vacation we took when I was sixteen; we went to Arkansas to visit family and stayed with them at a lake for a week, water-skiing and swimming all day. I don't think I came out of my suit except to sleep (and that was because my mom made me) the entire week. It was blissful.

Anyhow, I'm leaving from work on Friday around noon and heading down to the Outer Banks for a week with my family. My parents rent a house every year (this is either the 9th or 10th year) and my sister and her family and I and my family are included. I've had to wait until Saturday the past few years due to graduations, but this year I get to leave on Friday. And since no one from my family is going on Friday, I get to go earlier than usual. Steve is bring S down Sunday night (she has to work the weekend), and Mere and R are coming on Saturday.

I picked up the supply of books yesterday from the library. This was the group I had reserved after reading a copy of Poets & Writers a week or so ago.

  • All the Living, by C. E. Morgan

  • A Fortunate Age, by Joanna Smith Rakoff

  • A Disobedient Girl, by Ru Freeman

  • The Wish Maker, by Ali Sethi

  • Atlas of Unknowns, by Tania James

I also have a bag of books that are more in the "beach book" style, that I picked up at the thrift store and library book sales over the past month or so. Those are the kind I usually take so I can just leave them there when I finish them, but the library books are calling my name this year.

I think tonight will be about getting my knitting together. I know I'm taking the baby blanket squares and I think I'll take a couple of UFOs just to see if I can get motivated. But I'll also be visiting Jeanne's shop so who knows what else I'll end up with.

Oh and the clothes? I'll pack those Friday morning, as usual. What kind of packer are you? List maker or a throw it in the bag packer?


  1. I pack, depending on where I'm going, either like a slob (vacation packing), or meticulously (business packing). I much prefer to spend my thoughtful packing on what I'll take for entertainment. Those book titles look too deep for the beach, but hey, to each her own. You have to have at least one bodice ripper thrown in for fun, don't you?

    Your trip sounds like it'll be lovely. Have a great time!

  2. Oh, I'm definitely a throw it in at the last minute kind of packer. Although I agree with Rudee, entertainment has to be carefully thought out. Your book choices sound interesting but I doubt I'd get more than one read in a week if there's family around and knitting to do, too.

    Oh, and I'd rather pack than unpack. When the holiday's done those bags can wait.

    Enjoy the planning and anticipation.

  3. Sad to say, I am a neurotic packer, Ruth! I am going up to Cape Cod this weekend & have enough piled up to stay all summer. We are taking TWO Jeeps! Like you I have to have my knitting. And my books. My laptop. And my food, my beach chair, my "stuff." The right clothes and shoes!!! (so silly! it's the beach!)
    To see my planning you'd never believe we are staying at a 4 star resort, lol...looks like we are camping in the wilderness.

    Good thing we don't have to fly, I guess.

    But---a summer roadtrip to the beach! just the best, right? Have fun!


    lizzy at gone2thebeach

  4. I like to get out my suitcase a week in advance and slowly fill it up. Because I'm usually flying somewhere (often out your way!) and like to gate-check, I agonize over every little thing.

    Car travel makes packing much easier, but less efficient!