Mary Oliver

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do

with your one wild and precious life?"

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Tonight is the last post for a week, as I'm going on vacation without the laptop. The beach house has internet, but I'm going to skip it.

I'm having a terrible time deciding what knitting stuff to take. The clothes I'm taking are in the washer, the books are stacked in the book bag, but I'm completely stymied about what to take in the knitting category. Weird.

While trying to decide last night, I picked up an unfinished baby sweater and worked on it, but now I need another skein of yarn (which I may have somewhere around here already) to do the sleeves. So I'll probably take that. But what else?

Meanwhile, the students' last day was today and it went smoothly. Lots of tears from the 8th graders as they leave middle school behind, but not too terribly many from the teachers. At least not over the kids. We shed our tears at our farewell luncheon for two retiring teachers, one of whom has stage 4 lung cancer. Very tough to deal with, especially as she's had a setback and was looking awfully worn down. And is now on oxygen.

Makes my knitting "problem" seem rather petty.


  1. Well that's easy...take something to knit for your friend. How about a basket filled with pretty soaps and hand knit washcloths? You could even knit and felt the basket;-).

  2. happy trip! have a great week at the beach house!