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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Eating the Refrigerator

Remember when we had that Nor'easter here back in November and we had some damage to our house? Well, after a number of setbacks, Steve has decided that this would be the perfect weekend to fix it. The guy that is doing the work is coming on Saturday, which means the power has to be cut off on Friday and won't be back on until Monday. Steve has implied that I would be less than pleasant without air conditioning available, so he has kindly offered to suffer on my behalf.

It just dawned on me yesterday that because of this, we have to eat everything in our freezer/refrigerator before Friday! Yikes! So last night I broiled the mahi mahi and salmon that was in the freezer, microwaved a couple of bags of vegetables, and made some rice to go along with it. An unexpected feast at this time of the school year.

Random link:

These jeans look so cool; I think my youngest would love them.

SO glad I posted about my packing yesterday, otherwise I would have forgotten my beach chair! The house I'm staying at has beach chairs available, but of course mine is my favorite. Thanks for the comments! As for the books I listed, I meant to link them so you could read the blurbs, so here they are again.

All the Living, by C. E. Morgan

A Fortunate Age, by Joanna Smith Rakoff

A Disobedient Girl, by Ru Freeman

The Wish Maker, by Ali Sethi

Atlas of Unknowns, by Tania James

And trust me, it's doubtful I'll get through them all. It's similar to the knitting I'll take with me. I'll buy something (or two) at Knitting Addiction and work on that instead!!
Now I'm off to give my final exams. Three more days!

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  1. Here's hoping the repairs all go smoothly.

    I can tell you from experience...if you let fish thaw in a freezer without power, you will have a very stinky freezer that will never be the same. You were wise to cook the fish!