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with your one wild and precious life?"

Friday, April 16, 2010

WIP Solidarity

After reading Caffeine Girl's post this morning, I decided to document my WIPs. And defend them, for they are legion.

But first, a finished object: the Hokie baby hat for my coworker and her husband, who are rabid Hokie fans.

This is the sweater for the same coworker, and as you can see, it's almost done. All that's left is to seam the sides and sleeves, and add about four rows of neck finishing. And some kind of closure, maybe the bobbles that are recommended? Or snaps with buttons.

This is my new favorite. I cast on for this as soon as I found out about another friend's pregnancy, her first. The pattern is from Itty Bitty Nursery (I love Susan Anderson's designs!) and I'm going to use Mission Falls 1824 cotton. It takes 25 squares, which should be perfect beach knitting I think. Doesn't it look fun? I'm on square #2.

This is the Noro sock I've been working on for awhile; I keep it in the car for when I'm stuck somewhere (which isn't often, hence the lack of progress). But it's a keeper, no matter how long it takes me.

This is the beginning of a sock for Steve, although I probably won't work on it much until summer is over, since it's wool. And kind of boring, even with the color changes.

Here I have the modified Purl scarf. Not much drive to work on this right now because I won't get to use it for months. So in the trunk it'll reside for awhile.

Same with the sweater, although I should keep going on this as it's so close to being done. Especially if I decide on 3/4 length sleeves.

I have no idea how long this baby sweater has been in the trunk, but I should put it at the top of the queue as it's well over half way done. Soft mint green with white. Kind of unisex?

This is the Airy scarf from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. I think it was my first attempt at lace knitting, but I don't know anyone who'd use it. I don't know if I should frog it (if I can, Kidsilk Haze isn't cooperative that way) or just finish it and gift it.

This Noro scarf is headed for the frog pond for sure. I alternated it with some heathered wool that is really too scratchy for neck comfort, plus I think the needle size is too large; I don't like the way it looks.

Same fate awaits this baby hat. I double stranded two types of yarns, but the effect is very helmet like, stiff and not at all baby soft. Plus it's pretty large.

Here's another nearly completed baby boy sweater. Went for classic here and I should definitely finish it. All that's left are sleeves and neck finishing.

Same with this Berroco project, a cabled purse that my patient daughter, M2, picked out at least three or four years ago. I learned how to cable on this project and all that's left is to seam the connecting strip to the front and back and find a suitable handle. No excuses as to why this has sat in the trunk for so long. It's kind of sad really. Must finish soon!!

This is the first sweater I attempted and it's a bottom up that's at the armpit point, so I need to concentrate to figure out how to divide. It was supposed to be a front and back worked back and forth but I thought I'd modify it so I could knit in the round and now I'm stuck on the math. But my skills have improved over the last four years so I probably could do it, plus this is a cap sleeve summer top in cotton, so if I finished it, it just might be wearable.

I always have a washcloth going; this is the ballband one from Mason Dixon. Planning on making three for my mom for Mother's Day and she loves the pastels.

I started this sock on the plane trip to New York using the Spud & Chloe I bought in February. I'll probably frog it cause I really wanted to use this yarn for a fancier sock pattern. Something lacy or leafy. Something interesting.

So that's it. If you stuck with me this far, I must say I'm surprised that I don't have more projects than these started. And doing this exercise was useful since it helped me decide which projects needed to be frogged and which projects are ready to be finished. And although I often feel guilty about starting so many things, I think I'm going to release the guilt. After all, this knitting thing is supposed to bring me joy, and it does, so if starting fifteen projects is what I want to do, then so be it. Keep on knitting!


  1. That was inspiring, Rose. I'm actually afraid to look in my UFO cupboard. Can't even call them WIPs anymore LOL

    I love the mint/white baby sweater - must be that seed stitch thing. And the little boy's sweater, too. Maybe one of those babies will be a boy?
    I'd keep on with the lacy scarf and gift it. If it's hard to frog, it's probably meant to be knit up.
    Good luck...and glad you're feeling better.

  2. I'm with Stephanie. I will not be discussing WIPS or UFOs any time soon. Your head must still be full of anesthetics for you to have done so. I'm also in agreement with the lace. If it looks wonky on the needles, don't'll block beautifully, and yes, KSH is a bear to frog. So don't.

    I think all of your WIPs look worthy of completion.

  3. Glad you are doing better - LOVED all your NY photos! Looks like so much fun. Funny but i don't have many knitting wips - i've been working on the circle shrug and will hopefully finish it next week because i am sick of the thousands of seed stitches in the final 22 rows. but i do have a ton of quilts and sewing wips. Have a wonderful weekend!