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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Extended Spring Break Days

I made an appointment with the gastro- doctor for April 30, but asked to be put on the call list in case they had a cancellation and lo and behold, they called me back and were able to see me today. The nurse practioner thinks it's an ulcer but there's also the possibility that I've strained the muscle around some scar tissue from the gallbladder operation I had 18 years ago. Anyway, I'm having an upper endoscopy done on Thursday morning, so we'll know for sure then. I'm going to go to work tomorrow, be off on Thursday, and then hopefully be back on Friday. Way to stretch out the break, huh?

Meanwhile, back to my regular life-- I'm able to knit again, so I'm finishing up the baby sweater. Already finished the Hokie hat, but I'll do photos of those later.

Found out another coworker is pregnant (teachers are a fertile bunch) so I'm thinking about making the "baby's texture blanket" from Itty-Bitty Nursery. She's a good friend, the baby's not due until October, and the blanket uses squares made out of cotton, so I think it'll be a perfect summer beach project.

This baby toy is the sweetest thing. I think I may have some fabric lying around to make a few of these to go with the hats I generally give as baby gifts for co-workers.

And since I'm thinking of sewing again, I need to keep these helpful hints handy for when I inevitably start a small quilt.

And I've wanted to make a laptop sleeve ever since AlterKnits came out but I'm thinking this one might be faster, especially since I've been buying up sheets at the thrift store lately. (I mean buying them like they're going to stop selling them; anyone surprised I've become addicted?)

I decided to finish the other flower bed at the front gate Saturday afternoon, after sitting on the deck relaxing for a couple of hours, so I went back to the plant depot and bought a Mountain Fire bush. Since we have bulbs in the bed to the right of the gate, I decided to take out one of the impatiens plants and plop the bush in the middle instead.

Steve said I can't cut the daffodil stems yet, so they look a little scraggly. But the two hostas and the impatiens should spread out fairly quickly. I may throw some zinnia seeds in between the daffodils so I can have some quick and easy summer color, but I don't know if there's enough sun for them.

Much better than the twin beds of weeds that were previously there.
I'm going for a low maintenance deal here. I'm not a huge fan of gardening. I like it to look nice but without a lot of work. Frankly, I'd rather read or knit than garden.

Now I'm off to the pharmacy to pick up some new meds. Hopefully I can get the New York photos up soon.

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  1. That was a stroke of luck to get in early to see the doc. Hope all goes well Thursday. I'm sending you good thoughts.