Mary Oliver

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do

with your one wild and precious life?"

Friday, January 13, 2012

Indecision, Part Two

 I am still futzing along with startitis and her ugly sister, frogitis.  Everything I've started displeases me for one reason or another.  I ripped out the cowl I showed here yesterday, started a scarf with some Manos last night, then promptly frogged it, and now I'm working on another scarf.  I think this one may last, but I'm giving no guarantees at this point.  At least the process of knitting is comforting to me.

Meanwhile, Stephanie is a knitting machine.  She finished her second mitten, felted a pair of handwarmers, and is now at work on a Bandana scarf.  She's definitely taking advantage of being home on semester break and the fact that I have a small yarn shop in our house.  At least someone is being productive.

(and yes, that is the time honored toilet lid background you see in the photos)

To say I'm looking forward to the three day weekend is a gross understatement; hope you have one coming to you too!


  1. While we recognize the holiday at work, we neither have the day off, nor do we get holiday pay. Hubby does since he works for the govt, but not me. Enjoy the long weekend.

  2. Sometimes, knitting is all about the process. Nothing wrong with a toilet lid - it's a great plain background. I probably wouldn't have guessed :)

    No holiday for us here in Canada. In fact we have to wait until Easter to see another long weekend! Enjoy yours.

  3. At least you have startitis, I can't even get started. And horror of all horrors, I went to buy yarn yesterday and left with nothing because I wasn't in the mood. I think I need to be hospitalized. Happy 3 day weekend to you,

  4. Great felting!! even on the potty!