Mary Oliver

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do

with your one wild and precious life?"

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Actual Knitting Progress!

Steve and I went out to dinner last night at a place that's only two miles from us.  They have $2 wine night every Tuesday, so we took advantage of it.  We also ordered a garlic plate appetizer, which was delicious, although I paid for it the rest of the night.  (and my students will be paying for it today, hah!) I think it is the first time I've ever said I had too much garlic.

I took a few pictures from the beach access by the restaurant, just to see the difference.  It's surprising how different the view looks, even though it's so close to our area.

I love how the walkway twists a bit under the branches of the trees.

And wouldn't you love to sit in these chairs in nice weather?  Well, maybe not these chairs but this location.

As for the knitting progress, I love this hat so much!  I apologize for the craptastic lighting, but I couldn't wait to show off those traveling stitch details.  The color is a sort of steel blue, although in a certain light I can also see a hint of green.  I should finish it tonight, as I'm already beginning the decreases.  Hopefully I can get Steve to model it for us, but don't expect Jared Flood's quality of modeling shots.

 More knitting info tomorrow, as I plan on picking my monthly projects by then.


  1. Love the cap. When will we get to see it modelled? Wondering if you've tried any of Jared's Shelter or Loft. I have some, but don't like the colours--that's the problem with mail order.

    1. Liz, I tried Shelter and liked it ok, but I really love Quince & Co. Yarn better. I hope to photograph Steve this weekend!

  2. I think I might be tempted to sit there in any weather...even on those chairs. At least there are chairs.
    The hat is going so fast...I like those traveling stitches.