Mary Oliver

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do

with your one wild and precious life?"

Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Sweet Saturday

I'm sitting in the sunroom listening to a nice steady rain that came in with a small thunderstorm. There's nothing more relaxing sounding to me. No music on, just quiet. Steve has gone into work and S is at her mom's this weekend and I'm catching up on blog reading and writing.

For example, I read about this site on this blog; according to one blog post I analyzed, I write like Raymond Chandler! Another post came out like Stephen King and another like David Foster Wallace! Try it, it's quite fun. Although I'm sure the true authors would be appalled.

***Check out this observation before getting too excited about the above "Write like" link. But you knew that already, didn't you??

In other news, Steve and I headed up to Williamsburg this morning because he wanted to go to the outlets to buy a couple of birthday gifts. While there, I discovered a Crocs outlet and even though I've never owned any before, I now own three pair. Two pair (brown and black) are similar to maryjanes with slingbacks, and the third pair (navy) is more like a strappy sandal. I actually bought the first pair and wore them while we shopped, which is why I went back for the other two pair. They are very comfortable and I hope they'll be a nice alternative to the running shoes I had to wear all last school year.

We also just "happened" to stop into Knitting Sisters on the way back home. I wanted to buy another darning/tapestry needle, but of course bought a little yarn as well. I bought a skein of Berroco Seduce in gris-blue, a skein of Berroco Seduce Colors in occult, and a skein of Claudia Hand Painted Yarns, fingering weight in the Hokie colors. I've already decided to use the Berroco yarns on this pattern, and I'm going to make some type of scarflette for M2 in the Hokie colored yarn. If you know of a cute pattern that only uses 175 yards or less, please let me know, since I only bought the one skein.

I started yet another project this morning on the drive up (there was a lot of traffic). I'm trying to make the Baby Pullover for my niece to give as a baby shower gift. If I get it done by Tuesday, she'll take it. If not, I'll just keep it for the next time I need a baby gift. The good news is I'm using stashed yarn and the pattern seems so much easier this time around. The "bad" news is that Steve thinks the color is all wrong for a baby boy, but I'm not worrying about it. And now, back to knitting. Hope your Saturday is a good one.


  1. Not sure that any color is wrong for a boy these days. I think it's a lovely color - and you're using your stash! That's important.

  2. I like the color. It's OK for a boy.

    According to your link, I write like Dan Brown. Yah, right!