Mary Oliver

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do

with your one wild and precious life?"

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Hubris is just another word for........well, stupidity. Or at the very least, stubbornness. Case in point, my Citron. Despite having started over at least twice (maybe thrice, but who's counting?), I was knitting along, thinking to myself, "Lifeline? I don't need no stinkin' lifeline." Hubris.
Luckily, Rudee called me on it, and Stephanie agreed with her, so this morning, before knitting another stitch (well actually I knit another row or two before feeling too guilty to go on) I inserted my first lifeline. Don't believe me? Here's a closer look. Of course, I probably should have used another color of thread, but white and green were all I had. Now I can knit without guilt.And speaking of Rudee, after rummaging through my yarn baskets yesterday in an attempt to neaten things up, I decided to wind the skein of handspun she gave me. It is so soft and pretty that I've been hesitant to use it on anything less than a gorgeous pattern. So it sat there. I decided I really wanted to start knitting with it so I started a scarf. First I looked through some patterns for a special scarf. Then I decided seed stitch, but it felt too stiff, so I fell back on my k1, p1, Noro-type scarf. It looks pretty, feels soft, shows the colors, but somehow I don't feel that it's a worthy enough pattern for the special-ness of the yarn.

Any suggestions? And why are scarves considered less worthy? What's your opinion?


  1. Thank you for placing the life line. I'll be able to sleep tonight!

    The scarf is perfect. You have self-striping with the hand spun which demonstrates an achievement for both of us--mine in preserving the stripe while spinning and yours in preserving it while knitting. Don't stop now, it's totally worthy!

    I ♥ Crazy Woman!

  2. That handspun is beautiful! It's knitting up into a gorgeous scarf.

  3. The scarf - and the yarn - is lovely. What's wrong with knitting scarves? They're always a great accessory. Can you have too many? I just read a fashion article on summer scarves. So, of course, always worthy.

  4. Yes, I love scarves, but I've noticed if I say to a yarn store person that I'm knitting one, it seems their eyes glaze over. Perhaps I'm a touch paranoid, but I don't think so.

  5. I agree we can never have too many scarves. If you are happy with the way it is knitting up keep going. It does show the colours nicely.

  6. Good move on the lifeline!
    Just a thought, but some yarns really do look much nicer with a k2, p2 rib than a 1x1... but that handspun looks scrumptious no matter what!