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Thursday, July 8, 2010


Thank you so much for your great suggestions on how to solve my Citron problem. I tried Rudee's suggestion of blocking, then I tried to frog back, per Sydney's suggestion; neither one worked. I think the problem began when I had to cut the yarn. Actually, I think the problem started when I accidentally used the yarn coming from inside the ball instead of outside, like I usually do. Eventually the yarn kept tangling worse and worse and so I decided to cut it, and continue knitting with the outside tail of yarn and I think, somehow, that caused the offensive ridge. (Although it could have been a rogue short row.)

I was complaining and whining to Steve about how aggravating it was going to be to have to start over (I had almost completed the second section), when he asked me an important question.

Me: whine, whine, whine, etc.
Steve: But I thought you liked this pattern?
Me: Yes, but now I have to start over.
Steve: But if you like it, won't starting over mean you just get to knit it again? And since you like it, what's the problem?
Me: (silence)

So I realized that he was right. I really was enjoying the pattern, and starting over means I get to enjoy it for a little extra time. Not that I want to knit it forever or anything. Sisyphus, I'm not.

Now my concern is that I've messed up enough of this skein of yarn that I'm going to run short at the end, but I love the color so much that I'm going to give it a shot. It may be the shortest Citron in the Ravelry pool, but que sera sera.


  1. Sometimes, doing it again is the only way. Here's how to put in a lifeline:

    "Thread a yarn needle with the contrasting thread (or yarn) you want to use for a lifeline. Then while the stitches are still on the knitting needles pass the yarn needle (with the lifeline) through each stitch on that row. At the end of the row, remove the yarn needle and you have a lifeline running along side of your needle.

    Lifeline inserted! It will be there to rescue you if you drop a stitch on a lace row and can’t find your error or if something goes horribly wrong. To use, rip back to the lifeline and then put each stitch held by the lifeline back on the knitting needle. Proceed with the pattern. I will often make a note on the pattern which row I used as a lifeline row.

    The lifeline will stay on the row you placed it. When you have inserted the next lifeline or have finished the work, a little tug on one end removes the lifeline from your work."

    As you work along the shawl, you may want to put in more lifelines. Do-overs are not much fun when you're near the end. Hope this helps.

  2. Ditto what Stephanie said. With lace weight yarn, I like to tie stitch markers to either end of the lifeline. That way, they can't be accidentally pulled out. If you can't find a thin enough yarn, use unflavored dental floss to use as your lifeline.

    Good luck little Citron!

  3. Thank you both so much!! And Rudee, "little Citron" is exactly right as I've wasted so much yarn already, I probably will only have a mantilla size Citron. But no matter, I'm game.

  4. Lifelines. What a great idea. Why can't I remember to use it.

    You are very philosophical about re-knitting. I absolutely hate it!

    I am coming. I'll PM you on rav. Our modem died so I have to go to a coffee shop (or the library, where I am now) to get to the Internet. Very irritating!