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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Citron SOS!

I need help!! See that ridge up there between the two red blobby lines? I hope it's from tight tension from having to start a new section of yarn (due to knotted, tangled yarn) but I'm afraid it's from an inadvertent short row. I've tried to tease it loose, but I can't seem to get it to stretch flat. I'm thinking I may have to frog back but I doubt my ability to capture the 105 stitches back on my needles. This is why I'm afraid of lace!!!! All advice welcomed, please!


  1. if it were me (and it has been any number of times, believe me) I would leave the work on the needles, take a much smaller gauge circular and pick up stitches as best I could right before the offending ridge (not worrying about stitch orientation, just trying to get through each stitch.) Then frog back, correct the stitch orientation as needed and carry on. Luckily you're in the garter section where this is really pretty straightforward. Good luck!

  2. You could try wet blocking the area first to see if you really have an issue here--that is the beauty of lace as this can get rid of what seemed to at first be an insurmountable problem. Do you have stockinette stitches showing on the other side? If so, you may have to rip slowly, but you should keep stitches easily due to your fiber content. Rip one row (gently) at a time and like Sidney says, use a smaller needle to pick up. As your stitch counts grow, put in lifelines at regular intervals. It's worth the hassle.

  3. You've got great advice now...I can't add any more than this. Those lifelines are such a help when things can go wrong.
    But let's hope that the blocking solves the problem. Fingers crossed.

  4. Thank you all for your advice. I tried the blocking, then the needle below the ridge, with little success. I think it was the result of cutting the yarn and working the new yarn end causing the ridge. So I've started over. I was only at the end of the second section and Steve pointed out if I loved knitting it (I do) then I would love RE-knitting it. Good point I thought. Thanks again for your prompt support!

  5. By the way, I don't know what a life line is for certain. I'm guessing it's a contrast yarn of similar weight knit at the same time as the real yarn for a row?