Mary Oliver

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do

with your one wild and precious life?"

Thursday, December 1, 2011

December? Already?

I was perusing my Ravelry page this morning and I noticed that I have two scarves at the halfway point and one handwarmer done. Despite my desire to cast on for new projects, I think it would be a good idea to finish these three projects to add to my Christmas gifting basket (really, it's a gift pile, but basket sounds so much nicer, don't you think?) I hibernated at least four projects because I'm tired of seeing them at the top of my project page; it's like they're taunting me or something.

I also noticed the PurlBee's newest project, the Eleventh Hour Blanket. I love PurlBee's projects, and they are so generous with sharing their patterns, but I also love to calculate the cost of their projects sometimes, just to amaze myself. This project uses eight skeins of Cascade's Magnum, at a cost of $22.60 per skein. Pricey. Of course, as I type this I realize I have so much money already tied up in this knitting habit of mine, that the cost of this project would be a drop in the proverbial bucket, but still. I guess as long as I don't drop that much money knowingly, I can continue to delude myself that I'm really not spending too much. Hmm. I may need to rethink my strategy. Especially since I just placed an order with Quince & Co. I love their yarn, don't you?

I'm just about done with the Mustard Scarf/Cowl that I started on Sunday. It's an easy knit, but I kept making mistakes at first because I was knitting it whilst watching MI-5, (it's called Spooks in the UK) which is a pretty suspenseful show. Steve and I have been on an MI-5 binge for about three months now; we are totally addicted. I think we have three or four more seasons left, and then who knows what we'll do for entertainment. (Just joking, my Netflix queue is loaded with more British television. I'll be fine.)

So far the strategy of gift wrapping as I go seems to be working. The gift wrapping station is in Melissa's bedroom and the wrapped gifts are being stored in Stephanie's bedroom until we buy and put up our tree. I'd like to get it soon so we can let it soak up water for a couple of weeks.

I'm hitting another craft show this Saturday with my sister and mom, and then I'm hosting my 2nd Craft-OV-Rama on Sunday. Should be a whirlwind weekend. Hope you have some fun stuff planned too!


  1. The blanket is a beautiful pattern, but it would cost almost $200 to knit that using the recommended yarn. Maybe I would, but it would only be for me, myself and I!

    I've not knit a thing in over a week. I'm in a work funk, and a apparently a knitting funk, too. You inspire me, though.

  2. You are so lucky to have Netflix + the ability of watching over the internet. Here in Canada Netflix offers an extremely limited selection of shows and, even worse, our internet providers put severe limits on what we can stream/download/upload each month without incurring huge penalty fees. Very envious.