Mary Oliver

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do

with your one wild and precious life?"

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Days After Christmas

 I am trying to get used to blogging on the iPad and suffice it to say that it is a work in progress.  But I will get there eventually.  Meanwhile, expect some wonky looking posts.

These two cowls/neckwarmers were anything but wonky; in fact, I think they turned out quite nicely.  The green one was for Melissa and the golden one was for Meredith.  I used the Mustard Scarf pattern, and I photographed them with my hipstamatic app!

I'm not the only one knitting around here though.  Stephanie is working on some handwarmers for a friend, using some mission falls 1824 wool and a nifty little faux cable pattern and Meredith is knitting a glove and a scarf.  (she knits multiple projects simultaneously just like me.)
Meredith and Ryan brought their critters with them and when they are off doing other things, I get to pet sit for them, which mainly entails allowing them to sleep in the respective bedrooms.
Sinon loves his Christmas present from me, a catnip filled "cassette" labeled purrvana.
We did make Ollie take a walk on the beach with us yesterday, so she could burn off some energy.
Enjoy these after the holiday days.


  1. Your photos really convey the feeling that you are all "nesting" during the holiday break. Is your house one of those on top of the dunes?

  2. Liz, if only it was true. We live three blocks away, which is a very short walk. I tell myself I have the best of both situations; near the beach and a regular yard too, but it would be great to have the view of the water. Still, I'm not complaining at all, as it is the closest I've ever lived to the water and I love it.

  3. It sounds so cozy. Who is that knitting pretzel style? I recall the days I could sit like that! Hahahaha!

  4. Oh my! Look how limber that girl is! I'd just have to fall out of the chair 'cuz my legs wouldn't come straight again LOL

    Love the buttons you chose. The cowls look so pretty and the colors make me thing of spring!