Mary Oliver

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do

with your one wild and precious life?"

Monday, March 29, 2010


The sunny weather we had this weekend disappeared in a hurry. We had torrential rain that started sometime in the night and included lightning and thunder. I drove to work in a downpour thinking the day would be blah, but it actually turned out to be a nice one.

I was in a rush this morning trying to decide what knitting to take in: the sweater is too big for school knitting, I was waiting on yarn to continue the baby sweater (the yarn came today, yea!), and the Virginia Tech hat would be a giveaway to the intended recipient. So after dithering about whether I should start yet another project (!), I remembered Steve's barely begun socks and grabbed them instead. Good move, as I forgot how quickly they move along on #5 needles. Mission Falls 1824 wool is so nice on my hands too.

Now that I'm home and have read a few blogs to unwind, I'm piggybacking onto Amanda's idea of simple things after a busy weekend. (It was her bowl of stones that did it; I have one too!)I've had this jar for years; the wire holds a photo or two. You can use it as a vase or fill it with something pretty, like shells.This is a thrifted bowl that holds some of my knitting odds and ends. I love the pale green and scalloped edge.
And finally, this is a heart shaped shell that I use with my mancala board. The board came with little multicolored stones, but I swapped them out for shells almost as soon as I got it. So much nicer, don't you think?

I don't think of myself as materialistic, but things like this make me happy. What little things are making you happy today?


  1. I'm with you - I love simple pieces, or pieces that have a history to them. Love the idea of using shells with the Mancala board!

  2. I've got the pictures with this post - and I did manage to load up the ones I missed before. Thanks for whatever you - or the computer genie - did. We have a rock bowl, too. There are so many special rocks.

    I have old and once-favorite mugs holding pens, crochet hooks, etc. And I have a tiny bowl that my uncle brought from France for my Mom after WW2. It holds very little things that I frequently forget about.

    We got the stainless steel bucket from Lee Valley. Stainless steel is a deodorizer and we never have any odor at all. Just in case you wanted to have a look here's the link:

  3. Most of my treasures are still packed away, but the conch shell is out. A patient gave it to me, and I've treasured it ever since. That was 14 years ago.

    I'd give the world to find my camera usb cable, and now, my work laptop charger. Oops. I have no idea which unpacked box they're in, but it's likely they are together.