Mary Oliver

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do

with your one wild and precious life?"

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St Patrick's Day or When is Spring Break?

Good grief but it's been a long week. What, it's only Wednesday? Still struggling at work with the mean girls but I'm doing okay. Now that I'm feeling better, I can handle them. Still, it amazes me how brazen they can be when questioning authority. Maybe I'm turning into a cranky, burned out teacher? I sure hope not.

A bright spot tonight was seeing a former student who works at Barnes & Noble and who is genuinely glad to see me whenever I come in. It's been at least eight years since he was my student; as I told my husband, they used to like me. And I know some of the students I have this year like me too, but it seems like it's getting harder.

Steve and I were in there on a mini-date night, as a reward to ourselves for having to endure a trip to the cell phone store after work today. My cell phone died today for no apparent reason, even though I only got it in November. My replacement phone will arrive by FedEx on Friday (so I'm told), but all the information in it is lost forever. I'll have to send out a blast email to my friends and coworkers to get all the numbers back in my phone.

Not a lot of sweater knitting this week either. I'm only knitting on it at home, since I have to keep track of the rows, and I'm kind of bored by the sleeves, quite honestly. I worked on it a little last night while Steve and I played Scrabble (sometimes he takes a long time to make his move), but that's about it. I need to rent a couple of movies this weekend so I can make better progress.

Speaking of knitting, while Steve and I were sitting in the B&N cafe', I overheard a woman next to me talking to her friend about knitting tattoos. I correctly assumed she was a knitter, so I started talking to her and it turns out she goes to the Sit and Knit nights that I've been wanting to attend. So now I'll recognize someone when I go; I'm definitely going to try and hit it next week.

Oh, and my sister in law got the shawl today and sent me a lovely thank you email. So thank you Stephanie, Rudee, and Larissa for your understanding and encouragement about giving away the handknits. It was weird to feel that way because normally I do give most of what I knit away. I think this one was different because it represented a new phase of knitting for me in some way. But I'm glad she has it. And I may just knit another one!


  1. It's almost spring break. Hold on tight! I'm so glad your SIL liked your shawl.

  2. Spring break is almost here. I know I'm looking forward to it!

    I find that some years the mean girls are especially mean. Last year was rough that way; this year isn't. I have found that being nice to them doesn't work. I think it's kind of an alpha-dog thing. I have found that if I look 'em in the eye and refuse to back down, I fare better.

    I don't know if you work with the same groups I do. I work in a very urban school, so it took a few years for me to be assertive. My first year was awful. A couple girls practically terrorized me! The funny thing is, they seem to like me better as I get meaner!

  3. Only one more day and one more sleep, Rose.
    Funny that you find sleeves do I. A sleeveless sweater collection would leave me kind of chilly, though.

  4. Stephanie, it's so funny you used the expression "one more sleep"; that's the same thing my girls used to say when they were waiting for an event! Thanks for the encouragement!

    Caffeine Girl: My school is also urban; we have 35% poverty, but it's not as bad as some. And you're right about being tough, they fight it but they get it eventually. This is just a rough time of year; last year was WAY worse!