Mary Oliver

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do

with your one wild and precious life?"

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I'm going to go to a paint your own pottery place for a friend's birthday party today. Fifty year old women like to play too, right?

I re-started the lace cashmere scarf from my October visit to the Lion Brand Yarn Studio in New York. I think this is the fourth re-start, but as I mentioned the other day, it's become my personal challenge. It's only an eight row repeat, but for me, the challenge seems to be keeping track of where I am, as I usually do most of my knitting while talking to friends and/or family. So I'm marking it off row by row, and only working on it at home. This shows two repeats.

And this is the dog sweater pattern I'm using for a sweater for my mom's dog. I'm using some Mission Falls 1824 wool for it (stash yarn!). She wanted red and this is pretty close, although the color doesn't show so well here.
I spent a lot of time on the couch yesterday, watching Foyle's War and working on it. What am I going to do when the series ends? I think I only have three DVDs left to rent. Steve has finally started to enjoy it.

While blog surfing, I found this great idea about purging excess items. Having a limit may help me actually do it, instead of feeling like I have a huge project on my hands.

Also found this thoughtful post. It's got me thinking about what word I would choose. I know this past Thanksgiving I focused on the mantra, "Joy, Gratitude, and Compassion", so I'm thinking about using one of those. Or maybe all three. I truly believe I have joy and gratitude most of the time, but compassion may be a good one. Or patience. Kindness? Should it be a verb or an adjective?


  1. Choosing a word for the new year sounds like a great idea. But, it would be hard to choose just the right one. And once you open it up to other than nouns... oh my! the possibilities!
    I like that soft green in the scarf. So pretty and spring-like.

  2. You go with that lace, Rose. Show it who is boss! I don't know what it is about complicated lace, but keep trying, and eventually it clicks.

    Happy New Year!