Mary Oliver

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do

with your one wild and precious life?"

Monday, December 14, 2009


It was really foggy here this morning. Surprisingly, the drive to work wasn't bad, even though it stayed foggy the entire way. Maybe running a little later than normal paid off?

Despite feeling cranky, I had a good day at work. We had shortened bells (again!) but the lesson I had planned was easy enough to accommodate the change in plans. Pep rally in the afternoon and then a short faculty meeting, but I was home in time to wrap MB's Christmas gifts before he came home.

I'm not sure why I'm feeling so edgy; probably still a little tired from the bronchitis. Poor MB has had to bear the brunt of the crankiness.

And speaking of cranky, is it just me or is this just a little over the top? I love the scarf, hell, I love everything they put on their website, but I calculated that it would cost $90 to make and I call that pretty pricey. That doesn't qualify as a last minute gift for me, what about you? Or am I just being cranky?

Now it's off to the couch to knit some more! I'm really flying through some of the handwarmer gifts. No pressure though, whatever gets done, gets done. I've made no promises to anyone, so they'll all be truly surprise gifts. Although I would like to do an easy dog sweater for my mother's dog. . . . .


  1. For $90, I'd better be getting a whole COAT, not just a scarf.

    Love the new blog title!

  2. That is one expensive scarf! I'm sure it's lovely and snuggly soft, though. And even I, the queen of procrastinators, wouldn't start a gift on Christmas Eve. I might be desperately clicking the needles to finish something, though. I'm still working my way through the four pair of Christmas socks!

  3. Yes, that's insane. Listen, go to a knitting store that sells roving--louett makes some beautiful pencil roving that can be knit without a twist being set (you don't have to spin it). It's called Northern Lights. Or, just google it. It would knit up in no time, but I don't know how many yards are in the bag. It's around $35, but if it would work, why not? I'm sure it's possible someone out there knows the yardage in a bag of that stuff, and the colors are delicious.

    Ha. My captcha word is proxy--and that's just what you need. A substitute. LOL