Mary Oliver

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do

with your one wild and precious life?"

Monday, December 28, 2009

What Day is It?

Why do I love thrift store finds so much? They make me so much happier than retail buys do. One of these days I'm going to photograph everything I have that was bought used. It'll take quite a lot of space. This is a Land's End Christmas throw that I bought a couple of years ago from a thrift store, probably paid $5 for it. Even though it said dry clean only, it's 100% cotton so it gets washed. I love it.

I bought four of these Crate & Barrel dessert plates at a thrift store this year; they may have been $1 each. So clean and crisp looking.

This set of Christmas plates were bought at a yard sale (I think) at least five years ago and I have no idea what they cost. I love the bright colors on them. I don't always pull them out but I did this year since we had the feast of St. Stephen!

We went to the thrift store up the street yesterday and I bought a J. Crew field coat for $9.98. I've been wanting a field coat for quite some time, but couldn't quite bring myself to spend the money. Although this one is kind of big for me, I couldn't pass it up.

The girls found silk scarves and some jewelry and a few other odds and ends. Steve even bought two sports coats. He and I have promised ourselves to take some time this week to unload some stuff from the garage, before we accumulate much more.

On the knitting front, I've pulled out the cabled scarf that I was supposed to have finished for one of Steve's Christmas gifts. Guess it got buried under some other knitting in my storage trunk (also a thrift find). And I'm finishing up a pair of Toasty warmers for M#1 before she leaves tomorrow. She's the only child I didn't knit for this year, mainly because she's such an awesome knitter herself, much better than me. But I did sew her pajamas, using some vintage fabric cause she loves that kind of stuff. Still, I felt a little guilty, so Toasty to the rescue.

And I think I just may frog my Farmer's Market Cardigan. I'm thinking of using the yarn to make this cardigan from ChicKnits instead. What do you think? (oops, just realized that pattern calls for a different weight; guess I'll have to buy another pattern from her, darn it :) Maybe this one?

The girls and I met my mom for lunch today at this skeezy looking place we love for it's pizza. My mom is a good sport but she did note that the art work was a little odd.
Thank goodness she didn't go to the bathroom there, it's got some really creepy art. But good pizza and a fabulous beer selection, which pleased M#1 and me.


  1. So, I'm kind of wishing you'd taken your camera to the restaurant. Or maybe not. I can't decide although I am seriously curious.
    I am a thrift store shopper, too. And I agree that there's a big thrill in finding something that's just right. I do like your plates - especially the Crate & Barrel one.
    I checked out your patterns and I like that second one. It would look really good dressed up or down.
    Happy New Year!

  2. I love your thrifty finds. It really is satisfying to shop like that, isn't it?

    I think you should do what your knitter's heart tells you. It's better to repurpose the yarn than let it go to waste. It's so pretty. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. I'm sorry the Farmer's Market Cardi didn't work out.