Mary Oliver

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do

with your one wild and precious life?"

Friday, September 29, 2017

TGIF, or The Honeymoon is Over

Well. This was the longest week.  I can't fully express how happy I am that it is officially the weekend.  I had a tough day with two of my three classes, for various reasons, although it really is right on schedule.  The newness of a new school year has worn off for the kids, and if I'm honest, I'm sure it's the same for me.  The phrase, pearls before swine, kept running through my head, as I feel like I try so hard to make my lessons engaging and relevant, and my kids just want to do the easiest thing they can get away with. And in speaking with a few other teachers today after school, it's not only me and my kids who are feeling this way.  We all need the space of the weekend to regroup.  And we will, just like every other year over the past twenty-one years I've been doing this tiring, magical, exhausting and exhilarating thing we call teaching.  

I am looking forward to my girls' getaway to Rhinebeck, which is only three weeks away.  We had a planning meeting of sorts on Thursday night, to map out our itinerary.  We're going to leave after work on Thursday this year, and drive for about four hours before stopping overnight, so we can get to to the Rhinebeck area earlier.  There are a number of events we want to attend on Friday afternoon and evening, so we need to arrive earlier than we have in the past. We may be overly ambitious, but we're going to see how much we can fit in. I can't wait!!


My hat is slow going, despite the easy pattern, due to the limited knitting time I have.  I'm hoping to finish it this weekend.  Of course, I also hope to do some caulking, painting, and a few other maintenance chores, so we'll see how it plays out.  
I met Melissa at the Chrysler Museum last weekend to see the Rene Lalique glass exhibit.  I love so much about the pieces from the Art Deco period.  Everything seems so elegant, yet also simple somehow. 
It is really wonderful to live so close to this museum.  It's another one of the reasons I love living in Norfolk. (Since I can't live in NYC that is.)
And finally, as these pictures illustrate, Gracie has been making sure all of my clothing is sufficiently covered in cat hair.  This is a skirt I left on the bed one morning, after deciding to wear something else.
And my new black jeans didn't escape her ministrations either.  Guess that's the price I pay for not putting everything away properly.
Hope everyone has a lovely weekend.  I still have a few New York memories to share, so bear with me.
Peace and joy to you.



  1. Your hat looks lovely! I really love the pattern and the color are working together beautifully!
    I taught for several years and can certainly empathize with your feelings. There does come a time when everyone is worn down. I don't think that that's unusual this time of the year. I'm glad you have this blog and I do truly enjoy your sharing!
    Take care and give Gracie a few gentle pats from me!

  2. Glad the weekend finally arrived for you! I don't teach, but I have friends who do and I know it is an exhausting job. Your hat is coming along nicely - the pattern is really nice. Rhinebeck - that will be a wonderful get-away for you and your friends.

    Thanks for the pics of cute Gracie. Isn't it funny how cats ALWAYS end up on your clothing? I think part of it is a scent thing.