Mary Oliver

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do

with your one wild and precious life?"

Sunday, July 8, 2012


I am making progress on the Wingspan, now that I have my mistake frogged and everything is back on the needles. The pattern calls for eight sections, but I think this will end up being nine. No sense not using as much of the yarn as I can, and the first skein yielded almost five, I think. I definitely want to make another using worsted weight, but I think I'll complete a few of my unfinished projects first.

Although, I just saw this lovely project on PurlBee's site, so you never know.

My new obsession, which Steve is fervently hoping lasts awhile, are new-to-me food blogs, which should lead to actual meals around here. He has been reveling in the number of salads in the refrigerator this weekend. Ready to eat food makes him happy. This business of beans and rice in the pantry mean nothing to him. He wants ready to eat, especially with all the Wimbledon on this weekend. Really, who doesn't want that?

One of the blogs is called Dinner: A Love Story, and it offers quick and easy meal ideas, with a dollop of humor and family life. Plus, the authors have a new book out, which I'll probably buy soon. Another nice food blog is Sweet Almondine. And of course, Smitten Kitchen is always great. And Orangette, although her foods are usually a little beyond me somehow. Oh, and Eating From the Ground Up is such a nice one too. I'm sure I'm leaving some really great ones out, but these will give you a place to start, if you are so inclined.


Today is shaping up to be a perfect summer Sunday. I went to the beach this morning, and now I'm headed to my favorite coffee shop for an iced coffee, before heading to the movies, where I'm meeting Melissa and a friend of mine. I'm thinking I'll head back to the beach this afternoon to top it off. Have I mentioned how much I love summer? Hope you are staying cool.



  1. I am a bit jealous of the beach time and a movie!!!! It is so hot and humid here I don't want to leave my house and knitting time has been at a minimum, but I am trying to rectify that.

  2. Don't know if you've seen it but Smitten Kitchen is another great food blog. Great photography. Love their Asparagus Hash.

  3. Love your Redwing!

    Foodie blogs are very scary places for me. Then I have to go shopping for nifty ingredients. Worse, I have to eat what I make. best not to look :)

  4. I like wingspan in a solid color. It's a nice shade of red.

  5. Love the depth of color in the yarn you're using! I'm a bit jealous of your beach and movie time as well. But i know that my time will come. For now my 7 year old refuses to walk when we are at the beach as all time must be spent in the water.