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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

More Wedding Photos

I love the difference between these two photos. This one all posed and serious, and this one taken immediately after, with everyone more relaxed. It's of Steve, Lindsay's mom, Lindsay and Jonathan, and Lindsay's sister and brother, Stef and Andrew.

Melissa and Stef look like more like sisters than stepsisters, don't they?

Mere and her young man, Ryan.

And me and my girls. I am so proud to be their mom.

Thanks for all the kind words about the wedding photos I posted yesterday; it truly was a lovely wedding and I think everyone enjoyed it. Lindsay planned it herself and she did a fabulous job without overspending. She and her husband (!) are now in France for their short but sweet honeymoon. I hope they have a wonderful time.

It was great seeing some out of town family and friends too (we're looking at you, B). There was a girls only get together Friday night, a rehearsal party Saturday, then the wedding on Sunday, so there was a lot of family time. In addition, I had to fit in three hours of class on Friday night and five hours on Saturday, so needless to say, I was exhausted by Sunday night. I had to drag myself through the day on Monday, but I'm back to normal now.

Speaking of class, I wish I could attend, have the conversations about teaching that we have, and learn the new strategies, without having to do all the outside projects! In short, I'd love to audit these classes, but unfortunately, that's not happening. So I keep stressing about the work that is hanging over me like the Sword of Damocles, while I sit on the couch and knit while watching Law & Order UK!


  1. You all have such happy smiles! I love mother/daughter photos.

  2. More lovely pictures! It is so nice that your daughters have gained sisters!

  3. You are beautiful, Mom. I am glad the three of us have such a nice photo together for once. (I still need pics!!)