Mary Oliver

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do

with your one wild and precious life?"

Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Sunny Saturday

It's a gorgeous day here, sunny blue skies, and wispy white clouds. I spent a couple of hours this morning running errands and messing up the kitchen (made bulgur and red lentil salad), and then took myself down to the beach for a couple of hours. I fear I may have ruined my cell phone though; it got a little wet and now it's acting funny. Maybe it'll be okay after a little resting time or maybe that little beach trip just cost me $100. I should know better. Only time will tell if I get lucky.

I'm sure I'm jinxing myself here but I feel like I'm more prepared for the first day of school than I've ever been. I'll find out for sure on Tuesday when the kids show up. I'm sure it helped that I went in early to set up my room; we had so many meetings this week that if I had waited until this week to do it, I definitely would have been stressed.

I'm still working on my hap blanket and the UVA scarf, as well as my red meeting scarf (the one I knit on during meetings, when I can get away with it). Since it's still in the upper eighties around here, I don't feel much of an urgency to finish these quickly. Yet.

I lost another 1.6 pounds, bringing the total to 13.


  1. Way to go! You must be feeling very healthy. That will do wonders for any little stressors that come your way.

    Aren't Saturdays on long weekends so relaxing? Like a gift day.

  2. I'm impressed by your success on WW.

    If you read back on last year's blogposts, as compared to the previous year's, you'll see your change. Something happened last year and you had such a good one with students you found pleasure in teaching. May this year be a repeat of the last one for your.