Mary Oliver

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do

with your one wild and precious life?"

Monday, September 6, 2010


Changed our plans a bit yesterday and drove up to Richmond to visit Stef. Her birthday is on Wednesday and our original plan was to spend the day with her next weekend, but I'm so glad we went yesterday instead, as the weather was just lovely. We spent the first part of the day at the Short Pump Mall so she could spend some birthday bucks. Normally, four hours at a mall would be my version of hell on earth, but this mall was different. The center court areas are outdoors, so I didn't get that stale air, cramped up feeling. We ate lunch at Tara Thai and generally wandered around enjoying the beautiful day. We drove to the Fan district for dinner and ate at a really cute restaurant on W. Main called 3 Monkeys. It had an open air porch that was really nice and the food was fabulous. Unfortunately I left my camera at home, but I'm hoping Stef sends me some photos since she took a few hundred throughout the day!

I'm in limbo today, waiting for school to start tomorrow. It's funny that teachers, as well as students, go through a similar form of the jitters just before the first day of school, trying to decide which outfit to wear for the all-important first impression, wondering which ice-breaker will be the best one for this year's group of students. I usually don't sleep so well the night before either, a million small but important details running through my mind.

So to counteract the fact that I've really nothing left to do to prepare for tomorrow, I decided to reorganize my knitting patterns. You know, all the ones that I printed off Ravelry or knitty and then shoved onto my bookcase in no particular order. First I categorized them into piles and now I'm going through each pile and setting aside the duplicate copies to send to Meredith or Stef. Why are there duplicates? Because they weren't organized of course! Do you ever do that? Print multiple copies of patterns you like?

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  1. I hope today is going well. I've already lost two students and gained one. So far, things are smooth -- but I know that won't last.

    I also print out multiple copies because I'm not organized. Very frustrating!