Mary Oliver

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do

with your one wild and precious life?"

Saturday, April 1, 2017


March went out like a lion in our area, with torrential rain and even some tornado action, but today was clear and beautiful.  I had heard there was to be a Quilters Guild Show in Elizabeth City this weekend, so my mom and I made the 45 minute drive to see it, and had lunch out afterwards.  Part of me felt I should have stayed home and started working in my yard, but the smarter part of me knew it was a better use of my time to spend it with my mom.  She's become less willing to venture away from home over the last year, so anytime I can tempt her to do so, I have to take the opportunity.    

When I got home, I potted the plants I had bought this past Monday.  These are the plants beforehand, since I didn't take an after photo yet.

I bought a geranium, lavender, snapdragons, petunias, spearmint, lemon balm, and lemon thyme.  The fern on the far right is a houseplant I put outside so I could give it a thorough watering.    

More tulips have opened since last week.

And this groundcover plant has really spread, although the perspective is off; the plant is much smaller than it looks here.
I wish I remember what it's called.
I begin tutoring another student who is on home bound instruction tomorrow, which is a good way for me to earn some extra income.  I did this back in December and January with another student, and it really helped me out, so I'm grateful another opportunity came along.  I need to buy a lawn mower and an airline ticket to New York so I can pet sit for Meredith and Ryan in July.  I can't believe I haven't been up there since last July!  This is the longest I've gone with out traveling there, but at least I've seen her since then.     I'm still working on my Hitchhiker shawl, although I think I'm about three-fourths done.  School is still going great, and believe me, if I can say that a week before spring break, it's amazing.  My youngest, Melissa, had her 28th birthday on Friday, which of course is simply unbelievable to me. We celebrated last weekend, so I took flowers to her last night; she was working a double shift, but I wanted her to celebrate it anyway.  

Still reading lots, so much so that the librarians recognize me again, which I like.  I've always loved the library, ever since I was little.  And since I'm teaching Fahrenheit 451 to my Honors 10 class, I've been reminded of that.  I had them listen to a podcast the NEA did for the novel that included an interview with Ray Bradbury discussing his love for the public library, and it was just wonderful.


Wishing you a wonderful week filled with books, friends, and other things you love.



  1. Lots of wonderful things going on Rose. HAve a great day.

    1. Yes I'm doing well and feeling so much better. Thank you for your kind words and hope you and your family continue to thrive. Love reading about Little Buddy; you are a sweet soul

  2. My English class did Fahrenheit 451 last semester. I found it hard going. But once I finished it, I really appreciated it. There is so much to say about it.
    And look at all those flowers! We finally have some green things peeking out. And lots of rain. I feel like I'm living in Seattle.
    I would love to pick up some tutoring, but it is against our district's rules. Sigh. The governor here is actually mandating another pay cut for teachers (no other government employees!), and this one is going to at least $5,000. No wonder we are short on teachers!!!

    1. I don't live the book so much as all the themes in the book and how relevant they are. As for tutoring, this is how we keep kids who would otherwise be expelled "in school" and learning so they can graduate. They can receive up to 10 hours a week of one-to-one instruction which enables them to stay enrolled, do the course requirements, and earn credits. The homebound teacher is the liaison between the student and his teachers; I mostly carry papers back and forth and proctor tests. Keeps our dropout rate lower

  3. Beautiful flowers! And a quilt show with your Mom - so nice. Where's Gracie???

    1. I know, I've fallen down on the job. Next post, I promise!