Mary Oliver

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do

with your one wild and precious life?"

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Gracie and Gardening

Spring break has officially begun for me!  Oddly enough, my semester has been going so well that it kind of snuck up on me. More often than not, I'm beyond ready for the break, but this year, not so much.  Which is not to say that I won't enjoy it, because I definitely will.  I plan to do a lot of relaxing but I also want to work in my yard as much as possible too.  First item on my to-do list is to buy a new lawn mower.  I'm getting an electric one so I don't have to bother with gasoline or with starting one.  I owned an electric one years ago and it suited me just fine.
Meanwhile, the tulips continue to look beautiful.
I planted snapdragons and spearmint in a pot together for my front porch.
 I also put this lavender plant in a pot for the time being; I've planted lavender in the flower bed before and it never seems to survive, even though the sandy soil should be a good fit for it. I'll see how it does in a pot.
My new door mat looks pretty alongside a big pot of geraniums; those petunias in the far right of the photo still need planted somewhere but I haven't decided where just yet.
Gracie was watching me through the kitchen window while I weeded in the back yard the other night. She is strictly an indoor cat but she has lots of windows to look out of.
She naps everywhere.
 Guess she knew I was taking her picture.
Another favorite napping spot.
Vera, I hope you got your Gracie fix! Thanks for asking about her.
I was fortunate enough to meet up with another internet friend yesterday. Larissa, a blogger I've read for years, was vacationing in the area with her family, and took time out of her schedule to meet me for tea and a chat.  It was so good to meet her in person and get to know her better.  She is as lovely as I thought she'd be.  I know that social media can have negative implications in our lives, but it has also enriched our lives in so many ways too.  I think it's like anything else; it all depends on how you use it.  And I'm grateful for the connections I've made through it.
Have a great week!


  1. I love lavender and like cooking and baking with it, too, but have zero luck growing it anyplace. Hope you fare better.

    1. I've read it's supposed to do well here, but so far, no luck. My rosemary plants are out of control however, so at least there's that.

  2. And I thought my district was the only one that made us wait this long for break! I was half-dead when the alarm went off Friday morning.
    Your house is always so darling. Maybe I'd be more inspired if there was any sunlight in our yard.
    I am hoping to relax, but it's hard with Passover (always a ton of work). I'm going to Miami to visit my daughter, and I keep telling her she can study a lot while I'm there!

    1. Thank you, and I hope you enjoy your break too! The sun should help!

  3. Thank you!! LOL. Love that picture of Gracie through the screen and also the one where she is hiding her face - too cute. Love your doormat too - so summery.

    I've planted lavender previously with mixed success. It seems to do well for a year or two and then fades away. Rosemary, however, always takes off and I use a lot of rosemary in cooking (it's also really good in a glass of seltzer water). Enjoy your break Rose - hope the weather cooperates for you.

    1. Thank you; so far, the weather has been amazing!! As for rosemary, I use it in vases, & even hung a bunch in the shower as aromatherapy after I read about it somewhere. Kind of messy but it was nice when I needed a boost in the winter