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Sunday, July 17, 2016

The Wrap Up

These are the last photos from my trip. I'm not sure why I've been so slow posting them, as I haven't been doing much of anything since I returned home. Other than visiting doctors every single day, that is. The tooth that was bothering me led to a visit to the dentist and then to the endodontist, who told me it is beyond saving and needs pulled, which of course, he doesn't do. I will see an oral surgeon on Monday for a consultation and hopefully he will pull it posthaste, as it's nearing the two week mark of constant pain. But apparently the tooth issue wasn't enough excitement for me, as I broke my toe on Friday and spent some time at the urgent care. Luckily a podiatrist was on call and was able to reset my toe. I've spent the weekend with it taped and elevated, hoping it will stay in position so I can avoid surgery, as it was a pretty nasty break. The X-ray tech noticed my nail polish was on point though, haha.


Not sure what day this was, but I think it was July 4th; it's clearly in or near the financial district, as that is the World Trade Building.

I think this is part of the 9-11 Museum; I hadn't seen it before.

Manhattan City Hall, if I remember correctly, although it may be Brooklyn's.


I do remember that this interesting looking building was on Bowery Street, but I'm not sure of the name of it.

This arch is around Chinatown, not too far from the Brooklyn Bridge.

The Manhattan Bridge.


And the beautiful Brooklyn Bridge, with the flag on top. I love this bridge.

This is a memorial in the South Seaport District, commemorating the Titanic. I had seen it in another visit but overlooked its meaning somehow.


World Trade Tower, as seen from South Seaport.

Back in Brooklyn, a little husband and wife owned business, a block over from Meredith's home. I love the string of melmac cups and bunting they used to decorate.

This herbed biscuit with egg and avocado was so good I ate it on two different days.

I had their frozen blueberry lemonade on two separate occasions as well.

I did a lot of knitting on the Brickless shawl on my trip, probably because it was the only project I took with me. A good, yet seldom used, strategy for me.

Sinon, Meredith's cat, loves my visits, as he gets lots of attention from me. He's an incredibly loving cat. Look at his proprietary paws!

Ollie, short for Olivia, is less thrilled with me visiting as it usually means her mama is leaving her. But she managed.

One last Brooklyn eatery I love to visit is Habana Outpost, a restaurant that specializes in Cuban and Mexican street food, like roasted corn with crumbly cheese, but also has chicken and waffles on a stick. Whatever you choose, it's delicious.

I love how colorful everything is there too.

So that's another NY trip done and luckily my tooth issue didn't begin until the end of the trip. I'm really glad my toe didn't break until I got home, since one of the best parts of visiting NY for me is the amount of walking I do there, just wandering around.

I started another shawl since I'll be spending a lot of time on the couch; Nurmilintu, and I'm using a gorgeous skein of Neighborhood Fibers yarn I bought over three years ago, so that's a win for the stash. I'll post a photo next time. Stay safe everyone.



  1. Yikes! A tooth and a toe. That had better be it for you. What other T health issue can happen, your tongue or your...NEVER MIND! LOL.

  2. Oh dear - I hope both your tooth and your toe heal and are taken care of soon. I broke my toe a few years ago, and wow does that hurt!

    Looks like a lovely time in NYC, and such great photos. And of course I love the kitty and pup photos. :-)

    Your Brickless is going to be beautiful. I may have to try that pattern ...

    Take it easy, and feel better!

  3. Oh Rose you poor thing, hope your mouth and toe both feel better soon.
    Rest my friend,

  4. So sorry about your toe! I'm also spending a lot of time on the couch because my friend in Berkeley had toe surgery.
    Your Brickless is stunning. If I ever finish the one I started, I might copy yours. Such a pretty colorway.
    Take care of yourself!