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with your one wild and precious life?"

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Alone in New York

I thought I had published this last week, but somehow I didn't. I'm home now, awaiting a root canal, so not much else going on. Better late than never.

July 6 post:

I have been coming to New York on a regular basis for over three years now, ever since my oldest daughter moved here. I come to visit her, but I also spend a lot of the time on my own, as the trip often involves pet sitting so she and her husband can go somewhere without boarding their dog and cat.

When I first started coming up here, I had lists of places I wanted to visit on every trip, including knit shops and places I had read about online, as well as one or two tourist sites, like the High Line or an exhibit at a museum.

This time though, I didn't have an agenda, and I was wondering why, when I read this essay about traveling alone on A Cup of Jo. And it kind of nailed it for me. Being alone in another city is such a luxury for me and I truly enjoy it. I enjoy having conversations with strangers, I am comfortable eating in restaurants by myself, and I love doing exactly what I feel like doing without considering anyone else's wants or needs. I walk more here than anywhere else, and I like how strong it makes me feel. As I'm an extrovert, it has surprised me to learn how much I enjoy solitude on these trips.



The window display at Lion Brand Yarn Studio is always a joy to see.



I ended up at Purl Soho the day I walked across the Williamsburg Bridge, although I didn't buy any yarn.


I love the use of color in this garter stitch blanket.

I'll post the last of my photos next time.


  1. I love the look of the garter stitch, I think, more than any other stitch. It looks rustic and cozy and warm.

    I know you enjoy NYC each time you go, whether alone or with family. It's a city that speaks to you.

    1. I agree about garter stitch, it's the coziest looking fabric, as well as the warmest. And I agree about NYC; I would love the opportunity to live there for awhile, although I am grateful that I get to experience it as much as I do.

  2. I grew up in Weehawken, just across the river, and sometimes miss the energy of the city. Love your pics and can relate to enjoying the solitude. Enjoy!

    1. Thanks for commenting! It always surprises me when I enjoy solitude, since I'm an extrovert. Not sure if it's the job I do or getting older that is affecting me. I guess it's all in the balancing.

  3. I think being on your own is lovely. You can do things on your own schedule.

    That blanket is truly lovely! Wonder if that is one of their patterns?

    1. Yes, the pattern is a PurlSoho free pattern.