Mary Oliver

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do

with your one wild and precious life?"

Friday, July 1, 2016


So glad I flew here this time, instead of taking the train, because it allowed me to spend the entire day with Meredith. I got to her place by 9 a.m., and we went to the cutest little place for breakfast, before walking to and through the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens.

As usual, the weather cooperated (I seem to be lucky that way when I visit), so we spent a long time wandering through most of the separate exhibits.

We started with the rose garden.






The greenhouse, lily pad pool, and orchids.

That's Meredith in the background.

The Japanese garden, which is similar to but larger than the botanical garden at home.




Poppies and a beautiful purple flower in the old fashioned flower space. We also saw a Shakespeare garden, herb garden, and lots of other gorgeous plants along the way.

This is the main building at the entrance and I noticed it has a living roof.


For "lunch"' we had ice cream at Blue Marble, in keeping with my self-care theme for this summer.

When there are so many choices, it's difficult. I wanted sea salt caramel and root beer, to mimic a root beer float, but they were out of root beer. I chose Earl Grey, which turned out to be a good contrast to the rich caramel. Meredith had sweet corn but sadly, ate it all before I thought to ask for a taste.

I didn't knit too much yesterday, as the flight was so short, but Meredith and Ryan left on their weekend trip this morning, so I'm sure I'll make progress while they are gone.

This color way is called Funny Papers, and it's not my usual choice, but I am enjoying the way the colors work against each other.

I'm planning to visit La Casita Yarn Shop today, as they are having a closing sale. I'm glad I have the chance but I'm sad they are closing, as I enjoy visiting them when I am in town.



  1. I love botanic gardens. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your many colored yarn! Funny papers is a great name

  2. Have a wonderful time, I love that yarn you are using.

  3. I love that yarn, too! Looks like a great day with your daughter. I wish we had an ice cream shop with all those unusual flavors. I hope you are feeling destressed by now!