Mary Oliver

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do

with your one wild and precious life?"

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Friday, Solo

Meredith and Ryan left early Friday morning, so I spent my first day by myself wandering around Brooklyn. I went to La Casita as I usually do, only sadly, this was their last day of business.


The only thing I purchased was a copy of Knit Purl; I mainly went as a goodbye visit. They were always very welcoming to me and I hope their reasons for closing were positive ones. I'm sure they will be sorely missed by their regular customers,

I treated myself to a Crepe Florentine at a little place aptly called The Little Sweet Cafe; I can't get over how tiny so many places are up here. This is the entire width of the restaurant.


After my meal, I walked around the neighborhood of Boerum Hill, taking advantage of the nice weather. Isn't this a cute way to pot plants?

This is pretty too, although I don't think I'll try it at home.

There's just something about Brooklyn brownstones that seem so romantic to me, probably influenced by reading A Tree Grows in Brooklyn so many years ago.

This neighborhood garden is so inviting; I just love how there are so many gardens in even the smallest of spaces in New York.

This is the back of a garden shop I visited; if I wasn't flying home, I would have bought so many plants.

Especially the lavender; it was the healthiest looking lavender I've seen, as well as the most fragrant.

The succulent planters were amazing; I've gotten a collection of my own, but they are nowhere near as healthy as these are.


They also sold cut flowers, soaps, seeds, and garden supplies; it was the best smelling place, I'd have liked to sit and knit there for hours but I didn't think the shop girl would have approved.



  1. So sad about the yarn store. I heard at Knitting Camp that Knitting Sisters closed. I am SO sad. I loved that store. I envy your trips to Brooklyn. It's become such a creative place.

    1. I am sad about Knitting Sisters too, but I heard there is another Williamsburg yarn shop opening this month, I assume to fill the void. When I visit, I'll post about it!

  2. Oh, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn! One of my favourite books of All Time! I admire your restraint, what with yarn on sale at 35% off.

    I have tried and tried to grow lavender--which I adore--with no real true success. I have a nice recipe for lavender shortbread, but I buy the culinary lavender for it. Upsetting.

    1. The yarn sale wasn't hard to resist because the store had been pretty much wiped out before the last day (thank goodness).

      Lavender is supposed to grow in my area, what with the sandy soil, but we haven't had very much luck with it either. Our rosemary is insane though, but I'm not complaining as it's a fragrant and pretty shrub that covers our ancient chain link fence.

  3. Oh it looks so lovely! And that lavender - I wish I had some too ...

  4. So sad about the yarn store, but so glad you had a nice visit.