Mary Oliver

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do

with your one wild and precious life?"

Friday, April 1, 2016

Spring Break

It occurred to me today that there are three distinct stages of spring break. The first stage is pre-spring break, wherein I make lists of all the projects I am going to do, friends (including my children) I am going to meet up with, and books I'm going to read.

The second stage is the actual week of spring break; days spent drifting from project to project, making more of a mess than I thought possible, time on the couch, and time not actually doing anything from the list.

And finally, the post-spring break stage, where I chide myself for not accomplishing much of anything and planning for summer break.

I did make it to the beach this week, and spent some time reading, knitting, and soaking up the sun, so that's a win.

Saturday was gorgeous so I worked in the yard for at least four hours, while Steve sorted through some stuff in the garage. We took a load to the thrift store, then another load to a friend who just moved and needs some odds and ends. The yard looks lots better, but the garage still has a ways to go. Actually, the yard has a ways to go too.

I'm borrowing from Deborah's blog, and sharing what I'm reading. I finally checked out and read Kate Atkinson's books, Life After Life, and A God Among Ruins, and loved them both. I love reading about WWII from the British perspective, and these books were wonderful. It took a bit of trust to accept the premise of Life After Life, but it was worth it. I feel as if it's rare for me to get lost in a book anymore, so I'm always grateful when I do and I definitely felt like that with these two. So, so good.

I'm in a weird place with my knitting right now. I can't seem to fall in love with any of my projects, even when I try and start a new one. I've ripped out three different beginnings with a yellow silk yarn and finally put it back into the stash, and I keep picking up and putting down my unfinished projects, too dissatisfied to complete them but too far along to want to rip out. I finally started another Hitchhiker shawl using some Berocco Linsey yarn that was in my stash and it seems to be working out. It's a discontinued yarn that's a blend of cotton and linen, so it should be a nice warm weather shawl. But I'm not sure why I chose this yarn when I have so many gorgeous yarns in my stash. And a summer shawl? Who am I kidding? I'm so hot natured I'll never wear it and unless it improves a lot with blocking, I won't give it away either. Right now it looks like an asymmetrical rag.

Melissa's 27th birthday was yesterday; used a collage app to post some of my favorite pictures of her on Facebook.

We went to lunch with my parents and stepdaughter, and spent some time just hanging outside and enjoying the beautiful spring weather.


We also visited the Botanical Gardens at night, as they were having a special event called Lantern Asia, that she wanted to see. A perfect way to wrap up her birthday celebration, especially as the weather was so mild.




I can't believe it's already Friday and my break is almost over, but I should be rested when I return to work in Monday, so I'll be grateful for that. And I'll probably start the countdown to summer.



  1. Never chide yourself for not getting enough done on your break, it is a BREAK after all. I am knitting another Hitchhiker for a Christmas present. I am trying to be really organized this yearn and frankly that is a pretty mindless knit. It might surprise you how nice yours will turn out.
    Hugs to you Rose,

    1. Thank you! I think it's my mother's voice in my head telling me I must accomplish things, even though I know resting is just as, if not more important. I agree about the Hitchhiker pattern being simple. I want to make one in worsted weight soon.

  2. Hello there. I came across your blog through Mereknits...don't worry too much about your changing enthusiasm for uour craft projects, everything move in cycles. Maybe it is time to focus on something else for a short while until your inspiration returns. Like Meredith says, take the word 'break' literally!
    Those Chinese lanterns are beautiful, especially the lion. Tell us more about them. My city had its Spring lantern festival last September - it was huge!